Samsung Private Share, the application to share files privately and safely

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A new app makes it easy to share content privately between Samsung Galaxy devices: Private Share. The app allows you to share images, videos, sounds or texts safely; being able to limit the time that its visualization will be available.

There are a multitude of ways to send files to another phone, be it images, videos, or texts. In general, we usually use messaging applications, a convenient way to share any content. However, not all offer the same privacy and data security, which may require a tool that ensures their disappearance and that these are not forwarded. If you have a Samsung Galaxy that tool can be Private Share.

Private Share allows content to be shared by limiting its display

Samsung Private Share

The idea behind Private Share is what the application claims on its behalf: enable data sharing with maximum privacy. And it is a premise that is strictly adhered to since it not only avoids removing what is received from the application, whoever sends it can strictly limit the time that what they share will remain active.

Private Share is integrated into the security and privacy options of One UI offering the following qualities:

  • Secure file sharing. What is shared cannot leave Private Share and is intended only for the person who receives it. Content cannot be redistributed.
  • Cannot take screenshots. Private Share prevents the use of the captures so that there is no trace of what has been received. It will always be possible to take a picture of the screen with another device, but it is already a bit more of a hassle.
  • The lifetime of the content can be limited. That you only want it to last a minute? Once the recipient opens it, they will have that time to view it, regardless of the type of file. The time can be adjusted in the Private Share options.
  • Record of everything that is shared and of the people with whom files are exchanged. You can check when a file was shared and with whom: Private Share keeps a complete usage log.
Samsung Private Share

To access the service, you must first install private Share: if it is not already available on your Samsung Galaxy you can find it in the Galaxy Store. After installation Private Share is available in the privacy options, within the One UI settings. It is possible to transfer a shortcut to the applications so that it is easier to enter the app.

Samsung Private Share

Private Share is a great way to curb what you share. It is remarkably private and secure, all at the cost of a certain limitation since only available for Samsung Galaxy. And there is a detail that draws our attention: despite the security of the application, it does not have access control. Neither fingerprint nor pin.

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Samsung Private Share, the application to share files privately and safely

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Samsung Private Share, the application to share files privately and safely 1

Samsung Private Share, the application to share files privately and safely 2