Samsung Private Share: share files safely and privately

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Samsung Private Share (2)

Samsung has a large number of its own applications available in Spain, such as its Good Lock personalization app. The manufacturer continues to expand this list of applications with the launch of Samsung Private Share, an application with which you can share files with other people in a safe and private way.

Today there are many ways to share files with other people. Samsung Private Share seeks to make this process as private and secure as possible. Thanks to this Samsung app we can share photos, videos, documents or sounds with other users with Galaxy smartphones in a secure way at all times.

Share files privately

Samsung Private Share

The purpose of Samsung Private Share is very clear: share files between users in the safest and most private way possible. In fact, the app doesn’t even allow screenshots, so this is an indication of how seriously they take such privacy. As we have said before, the application will allow you to send all types of files between users (photos, videos, audios, documents …).

Everything that is shared in the app will not be able to leave it and only that person to whom we have sent it will be able to see and receive it. It is not possible to resend that content, therefore. What’s more, you can set time limits for that content to be shown, if you want it to be shown for only one minute, it will be possible. In the application settings you can set these limits every time you send something to another user.

Samsung Private Share

Another aspect to highlight in Samsung Private Share is that there is a record of everything that has been shared and the people with whom these files have been shared or exchanged. This will allow you to see when you shared something with another person, the date, and know who it was with whom you shared a certain file. The application keeps a complete record of everything you have sent. In addition, you will be able to see if the other person has opened that file.

How to download Samsung Private Share

Samsung Private Share (1)

Samsung Private Share Launches Exclusively for users with a Galaxy smartphone.There do not seem to be any plans to launch it generally for Android phones at the moment.

The app may already be available as standard on your Samsung phone, but it can also be downloaded for free directly from the Galaxy Store. Once installed, it integrates into the privacy settings of your phone, but you can move its shortcut to the apps as well.

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