Samsung Nice Catch: find out what each app does on your phone

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Samsung Nice Catch

Good Lock is Samsung’s personalization application, which was launched in Spain in the fall. Within this app we find various modules, which allow us to customize various aspects on our mobile, such as the share menu or everything related to the sound and volume of the mobile. A module that we can download is also Nice Catch.

Nice Catch is a module with which you can control what each application does on your Samsung mobile. If you want to see if an app has changed its permissions or which application is the one that has made the phone vibrate, you can find out with this module within Good Lock.

This is how Nice Catch works on Samsung

Nice Catch activate on Samsung

The purpose of Nice Catch is to know which applications have made use of some elements on your Samsung phone. You will be able to see which of them have sent a notification on the device, which applications have made the mobile vibrate or also know if an app is sending ads even when we do not have it open. It is a way of knowing if an app is doing something that it shouldn’t on your mobile.

The interface of this module has no complications, although it is only available in English. The only thing we are going to have to do is activate this module on the phone and then we will have access to all its sections. We can see which applications on the mobile have access to vibration or call history, among others.

Nice Catch functions

Nice Catch is a good help when it comes to seeing if there are applications on our Samsung mobile that they have suspicious behavior. This module can help us determine if it is a malicious app or if there are no problems with a specific app. We will also be able to see the changes in the permissions, which is another key aspect to determine if it is dangerous or not.

If you want help on your phone with which you always have control over what the apps do. You can detect changes very quickly this way.

How to download it to your mobile

Nice Catch is a module that we can download now from the Galaxy Store for free, from this link. The availability of this module is something that can change between countries, but in Spain it was already officially launched.

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