Samsung ISOCELL GN2: new sensor with 50 Mpx and better focus

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Although MWC 2021 in Barcelona has been postponed until June, mobile manufacturers and brands have not lost the opportunity and the showcase that MWC Shanghai offers them to announce their proposals.

OPPO has presented its new contactless wireless charging system and Samsung has done the same with a new photographic sensor, the Samsung ISOCELL GN2.

The ISOCELL GN2 promises images of up to 100 Mpx

Samsung ISOCELL GN2: new sensor with 50 Mpx and better focus

This new photographic sensor is an evolution of the ISOCELL GN1, which also focused on improving focus and delivering brighter images.

Like this one, it has 50 Mpx, although we can take photos of more and less size. If we need it we can increase the resolution up to 100 Mpx interpolating using artificial intelligence and taking several 50 Mpx photos to later merge them into one of 100 Mpx.

On the other hand, using the Pixel Binning we can take photos of 12.5 Mpx with better performance in low light and more detail. We went from pixels of 1.4 μm across to pixels with 2.8 μm in size.

Improving energy consumption and focus

Another aspect that has been improved in this sensor is energy consumption, especially when running HDR, an expensive technique in this regard.

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How could it be otherwise, Samsung has wanted to improve the focus on this sensor using a technology called Dual Pixel Pro. With it, two photodiodes are used for each pixel of the sensor, reaching 100 million photodiodes to focus.

Also, the green pixels are divided differently, diagonally instead of horizontally, allowing me to measure focus vertically much more precisely, as we see in the video.

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Similarly, the Smart ISO Pro improves the dynamic range of images, as Samsung also explains in a video.

This sensor is already in the production chain and we will see it in future smartphones. It is rumored that the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra will be the model that will debut it.

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