Samsung Internet web browser is updated with 4 great improvements

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Each Android mobile brand usually implements alternative applications to those offered by Google as standard in the system. Samsung is one of those that does it, although in the specific case of its web browser we have to admit that it poses a more than decent option to Chrome, although the latter is almost a standard in Spain.

The reason is that Samsung Internet is a fast app, with many options and that it is updated frequently. In fact, the news that arrives today for all users were already available in beta.

Smart Protector

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The first of the news is a function that warns us if the web we are visiting is dangerous. You may be trying to scam us, or you may be seeking private data. The browser will show a message indicating it, so that we can exit immediately.

Go to a copied URL

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The second improvement allows us to activate a URL that we have copied from any site and open it immediately, something that will save us time.

Integration in Samsung settings

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The latest news takes us to the settings of our Samsung mobile. From this version on, we can search within them for some Samsung Internet parameters, such as the function to delete cookies.

Of course, this function will only be operational for the Korean manufacturer’s mobiles that use Android 9 or higher version.

Samsung Internet activates night mode for all websites

Finally, Samsung Internet will allow us to activate night mode on any web page, even if it does not have it available. This will be possible because it has started using a code created by Google and implemented in the Android System WebView app.

The last of these updates, 13.2, can now be downloaded from APKMirror and offers us four great improvements.

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