Samsung confirms the launch of its first Galaxy M with 5G

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Galaxy M42 5G

April 28 Samsung will launch its first mid-range with 5G, the Galaxy M42 5G. It can be purchased from Amazon in India and will mount the Snapdragon 750G chip in its guts.

A new Samsung mobile that will be characterized on screen for that Infinity-U design and that, as shown in the images, it will have four cameras on the back so that photography continues to be a very powerful claim for the next owners of this mobile.

Among other features with which the new Galaxy M42 5G will be launched, the South Korean company cites Knox with Secure Folder, content suggestion, AltZ with Quick Switch (and what it has been a kind of Windows Alt Tab to toggle between a “public” layer and a hidden layer similar to Secure Folder) and Samsung Pay.

The Galaxy M42 5G will have a huge battery

Galaxy M42 5G

There are more than similarities in design with the Galaxy A42, but with the M42 5G we go straight to a 64MP main camera and higher capacity battery to get up to 6,000 mAh. Samsung would also have confirmed that there will be the possibility of deciding between acquiring an M42 with 6 or 8GB of RAM.

The price would fluctuate between 20,000 and 25,000 Indian rupees, or 225 and 280 euros. A cost to which we are already used to this Samsung M range that is giving enough joys like the ones it will give when it arrives in these parts.

Samsung confirms the launch of its first Galaxy M with 5G 1

The next few days we will know more details of the new M42 5G that will provide many users with the ability to enter 5G, and those data connection speeds for a significant improvement in those daily tasks with social networks, apps and more.

The most interesting thing about this new Samsung mobile is that has the Snapdragon 750G chip inside, so it is sure that it will attract powerfully attention.

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