Samsung changes the update policy of the Galaxy S9

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Samsung changes the update policy of the Galaxy S9 1

Not long ago, Samsung’s update policy on its Android phones could be described, being benevolent, as slow. In recent months, the Korean company has taken a radical turn in this direction and is now positioned as one of the best performers.

This does not prevent it from continuing to stop updating old phones, or decreasing the frequency, and now it is the turn of the Galaxy S9.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 will have quarterly updates

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When Samsung launches a new product it gives it a year or two of major Android updates, the annual version jump, whoops. In addition to that, both Samsung and other brands incorporate the monthly security patches that Google creates, although it has to adapt them to each model.

When a terminal turns three years from its launch, it goes from receiving monthly security updates to receiving them quarterly, and that is just what has happened now with the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 +.

This model has received the latest monthly patch and is now on the quarterly maintenance list.

This movement is a midpoint between updating monthly and not doing it beyond the two years that Google usually confirms.

Last update year begins

Samsung Galaxy S9-camera

This new type of quarterly updates will arrive for at least one more year, if Samsung does not improve its policy, which is currently one of the best in the mobile landscape, to be honest.

A) Yes, Four security updates remain for both Samsung Galaxy S9 models, two terminals that may well be a user’s mobile for four years, if not more.

If you want to see the status of the update policy for a specific Samsung mobile, you can check it on a website that the company created for this purpose.

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