Safe gift! So are the birth and wedding lists on Amazon

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Safe gift! So are the birth and wedding lists on Amazon 1

When it comes to buying gifts for an important event, such as a wedding or birth, we usually go for lists that make work easier for our friends or guests. Although it is somewhat traditional, the methods have changed and now platforms like Amazon allow us to do it online to receive gifts at home. You can make wedding and birth lists on Amazon so that they always hit what you need and we explain how they are used and how to create one.

Wedding list on Amazon

Something common when you are going to get married is to create a wedding list that allows your guests or close people know what you need, what things you want for your new home or your new life. Although it is something that may seem outdated and decades old, it is still quite useful and is still being used. In this case, adapted to the times. For this reason, Amazon allows you to create a wedding list with all kinds of products thanks to a catalog with millions of different items. And the great advantage is that your guests, friends or family do not have to go to consult it physically but can simply choose a product and send it to you.

What is a wedding list for? We add the things we want or need and our loved ones or guests are buying them. As they buy them they “disappear” from that list so they never coincide and you fill in everything you need. In addition, an advantage is that the gifts will go directly to you at home or the direction you have chosen, without that person having to pick them up, wrap them, carry them. You can also add photos or notes specifying something on the product and even acknowledgments.

Create list

  • Open Amazon
  • Go to the upper right corner
  • Tap on “Account and lists”
  • Choose the option “Wedding List”
  • Go to “Create a wedding list”
  • Fill in the details

Wedding list

Once here, we have to fill in a series of information …

  • Your name, surname and as (spouse / girlfriend / boyfriend)
  • Your partner’s name, surname and as (spouse / girlfriend / boyfriend)
  • your e-mail
  • Email of your partner if you want to invite him to the list
  • Address to which you want your guests to send you gifts
  • Whether or not to allow gifts shipped to my address
  • Notify or not to the guests that you prefer them to have packaging or not
  • When is the event (month, day and year)
  • Where is the event (population, country)
  • How many guests are going to attend?
  • Do you want to leave a note for the guests?


You can also choose options to share or not

  • Everyone can see the wedding list
  • Only people who have this link can see the wedding list
  • Only you can see the wedding list

Once you have everything filled out, complete the captcha and tap on “Create my list”

Manage list

Once you have created the wedding list, you will have the details. In the main part of the menu you will see how many days are left for the link, all total gifts on the list and how many have already been bought to know what is left, what is prepared.

When we are on the wedding list we will “Categories:”And here we will see different sections such as garden, electronics, sports, DIY, pet products, kitchenware, glassware, tableware, electrical appliances… We choose the category that interests us to see the products in it. And in each product you can choose the quantity you will see the button “Add to list”.

Wedding list

On your list, when you send it to someone, they can see the total gifts and will be able to filter and sort. We can filter by “purchased” or “still necessary” and we can sort according to what we want to see first what has the highest priority, the cheapest or the most expensive. We can also sort by category to have everything organized.


Once we have received something, we can return it even if someone else bought it. We have to go to “Wedding List” and “Thank You List”. Here we will see all the articles that we have received and that have been sent to us. We can touch on “Return or replace a gift” and we must follow the instructions that appear on the screen.

As collected from the help website, “gifts purchased from the Wedding List are eligible for free returns within 180 days upon receipt of the shipment ”.

Search wedding lists

How do you find our list? We have the option to share the link and that’s it, but you can also tell people to look for your wedding list in the search engine. They should go to the page and here we will have to search by name. We can add the name and the date with an interval of the month and the year in which it will take place. So anyone who needs to give you a gift can access the list and send you something, although it is much more convenient for you to put the link, send it by WhatsApp, etc.

Keep in mind that if you want to be found, you must go to the settings of the list so that it is visible. You must check “Everyone can see this Wedding List. Your name will be publicly available and on other Amazon sites ”from the management page. Confirm to save changes and you will appear in the results.

Find a wedding

Birth list

The operation of the birth list is identical to the previous one. You’re going to have a baby and everyone asks you what can he give you, what do you need. Amazon lists let people know what is yet to be bought and you have the advantage of being able to choose the exact model of each product. It is not enough to say “I need the highchair” or “I need the playground” but here you can add the exact model and receive it at home, something comfortable for you and the person who gives it to you.

Create the list and add products

We can go to and here we fill in the data. Tap on “Create your list here”And fill in the information. Estimated date of birth and shipping address for gifts. You can also choose whether or not you want exclusive offers on the Birth List. Once you have it, confirm with the code and tap on the yellow button “Create Birth List”. All that remains is to add products to the list.

Birth list

At the top of the menu, go to “Add Products.” Here we will see a series of available categories on which we can base ourselves, recommendations and products according to whether you are looking for something cheap, something sustainable, something minimalist … choose the section you want and you can go tapping on “Add to list” on the products you want.

Birth list

Keep in mind that you do not have to stick exclusively to these data or recommendations but you can use to search for anything you want. For instance, toys or crib accessories or towels or clothing. Now, when you have already created the birth list, we will see that on the right side of the screen we can add the product to it, as you can see in the image.

To add to list

To make it easier with new parents, Amazon has an option of “essentials” where you can see recommendations of everything you would need. A bathtub, a changing table, hammocks, cribs, baby monitor. It can be a convenient option to add products without forgetting anything.

Safe gift! So are the birth and wedding lists on Amazon 2

Set up and add acknowledgments

From the configuration settings we have several options that we can choose from. For example, whether or not you want to allow Amazon gift checks. O well, we can choose privacy and change it at any time. There are three privacy options in the same way as in the case of weddings:

  • Public. Anyone can search and view it
  • Shared – Only someone who has the link can see it
  • Private – Only me and my co-owner can see it

Once you have chosen all the options, tap on “Save Changes”.

Also from this configuration section we can add a greeting to family and friends that will be displayed at the top of the list, as a thank you. We can add a series of data that may be interesting (Amazon puts as an example “the baby’s room will be …”) or we can add details about whether we have little or a lot of space or if we like the products of a specific brand or methodology. Or we can simply put some words of thanks for all those people who are going to give something to the future baby.

Edit list

Find a list

If you have a friend or relative who is going to have a baby… we can look up their list. The most useful thing is that we pass the content through a link but we can also make it visible (following the previous steps) so that anyone can find it and can buy what we need for the baby.

We have to look for the name of the list holder, city and province. We can also look up the date. Once you activate the search engine you will see all the people who have a birth list and whose name corresponds to the one searched. It is advisable that you always put surnames or the name of another person and not just yours since this will make it easier to find it among all the results.

birth results

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