Rush Royale Tower Defense: Is It Worth Downloading?

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Rush Royale Tower Defense

The selection of games for Android is huge, but from time to time games are released that stand out from the rest. A game that has been causing sensation among Android users is Rush Royale Tower Defense. You may have heard about this game available in the Play Store and you want to know more about it, especially whether or not it is worth downloading it to your phone.

Next we tell you more about Rush Royale Tower Defense, so that you know what this game for Android devices consists of. In addition, you will be able to know if it is worth downloading it, so that you are going to give this game a chance that has already conquered millions of users in the Google operating system.

What is Rush Royale Tower Defense and how to play it

Rush Royale games

We are faced with a game that seeks revolutionize the genre of PvP games and Tower Defense. In this game we are going to have to face another player in a game in real time. In these games we have to generate towers, improve them and try to merge them so that we will be able to obtain better functions or abilities for these towers. Thanks to this they will be better and then we can defeat those enemies that we face in these games. This operation may be partly reminiscent of games like Supercell’s Clash Royale, at least some elements.

One of the keys that explain the popularity of Rush Royale Tower Defense is that we are going to face another player directly. At the bottom of the game we can see that we have the towers that will be generated randomly with the mana we consume, so that they will begin to eliminate all that horde of enemies controlled by the machine, while in the At the top we have our opponent doing the same with his own towers and those enemies who go directly to his area to take his life.

In addition, the towers that are randomly generated in the game are of different classes. We also have the possibility of merging these towers, so that we will be able to generate others that are of a better level. We are also allowed to change their identity, so that they become different ones. These are options that make it especially interesting.

Interesting and open fights

Combat Rush Royale

Those one-on-one games or battles in Rush Royale Tower Defense are especially interesting, since they evolve in a way that surely many users did not expect. A good example is that all those enemies that are going to eliminate our towers they are going to attack our opponent. So if we are very fast, we can see at the top of the screen that our rival begins to have a few problems due to the advance of those enemies. So in many cases we find open games, which anyone could win.

We have already told you that the towers are of different kinds, there are better or worse. Each tower that we have on the screen has its own characteristics, as well as an own design. The color of each tower is indicative of its characteristics, showing its abilities. So we can see this with great ease. The game also has a series of cards that we can use to improve these towers, making them have better skills, something that will help us in due course to defeat our rivals.

It is in this aspect where we find ourselves with the paid item in Rush Royale Tower Defense. Since within the game we can buy a series of coins. These coins can then be used to buy new cards, which will help us in this way to improve our towers at all times. It is an optional option at all times, so only those who want will pay money. It is a way to move a little faster at certain times, but we can play at any time without having to pay money for it.

Season passes

Rush Royale

As in other games on Android (Mario Kart Tour, PUBG Mobile or Fortnite), also in Rush Royale Tower Defense we find a season pass. This season pass in the game is a way that many users turn to because it is presented as a way to have more resources in less time. Since this season pass will be useful when obtaining a series of cards that is undoubtedly an element that has great importance within the game. It also gives us other advantages and elements that are designed so that we advance with greater speed or have an advantage in their games or combats, for example.

Having to pay a lot of money for this season pass it is something that can certainly make many users not buy it. This is something that we really only have to buy if we are playing a lot or we are already hooked on the game and we consider that it is the simplest way to advance in it, for example. So it is something that you must be very clear about, that you are going to need and use it, since if not it only means an expense of money. If you are not sure if you are going to continue playing you should not buy it or if you think that the advantages it brings are few.

The Rush Royale season pass isn’t especially cheap, and this is certainly one of the main criticisms of the game. It has a price of 12.99 euros per month, which is notoriously expensive when compared to season passes for other games. Although it includes a number of advantages, it is something too expensive. For this reason, many users do not buy it, since sometimes it is more rewarding to spend money on cards, for example. The high price is one of the main criticisms that the game faces, something that you can surely see in many forums or in its profile in the Google Play Store.

Advantages and disadvantages

This section can also be seen as the strengths and weaknesses of this game. They can help you when deciding whether or not it is worth it, since it is a game that has managed to conquer many users on Android and iOS, but it could be that there are users who do not really see the potential of this game or who do not consider which is a good option. These are the main advantages or disadvantages that we find in this game:


  1. A game that brings something new to the PvP genre and the Tower Defense genre.
  2. A great variety of mechanics that we can use.
  3. A great community of players.
  4. Nice graphics and great use of colors.
  5. Simple gameplay (easy to play on our phone).


  1. The season pass is too expensive (not all players can afford this amount of money per month or per year).
  2. It may take some time to master the games or battles.
  3. It seeks to enhance the payment aspect of the game too much.
  4. Some game modes are missed.
  5. Lack of balance in some battles, we are faced with users with better troops or experience in the initial phases, as well as against paid users, which leads to uneven games.

Is Rush Royale Tower Defense worth downloading on Android?

Rush Royale for Android

The million dollar question for many Android users. Is it worth downloading this game on our mobile? The answer in this case is yes. Without being a perfect game, the truth is that Rush Royale Tower Defense has proven to be a most interesting option to consider on Android. It is a game that has managed to incorporate a series of new elements in a genre that has been available on the market for a long time, something that is not simple and that sometimes does not work well, but in this case it has been a breath of fresh air .

It’s a game that leaves us with new elements in a mechanic and genre that many Android users already know, so it is presented as a good option to download in this field, if you like games of this type and want something new. While it is true that there are criticisms about the lack of balance in some battles, because we tend to put paid players as rivals, who have better cards and troops, it is an entertaining game and that can leave us with quite interesting and entertaining battles too .

The best way to get out of doubt is that go and download Rush Royale Tower Defense yourselves on your Android phone or tablet. This game is currently free to download from the Google Play Store. As we have already told you before, inside we have purchases, such as cards to improve the towers or the season pass. Although if you want it, you will be able to advance at all times without having to pay money. You can download the game from the following link: