‘Runic Power’ and more news

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As always, Tencent does not usually disappoint in this regard, and with the arrival of a new season there is a lot to tell about all the content that arrives. The arrival of this event brings with it an aura of mysticism and magic that until now we had not seen in this shooter multiplayer.


PUBG Mobile Season 17: Event Dates

After the season that just ended on January 17, and after learning that the PR section was closed for 24 hours later, Tencent kicked off the new season last year. January 19. With one day to live, we are going to break down the details included in the new PUBG Mobile event.

Not only does it incorporate superficial content related to the season, but these changes bring modifications in the version of the game. Specifically, it comes together with the update 1.2 which introduces a new game variant to the Erangel map.

This will see players spawn with one of three ‘Runic Power’ sets. Are Flame, Arctic and Wind, each with their own abilities and additional weapon effects that are based on their respective element. The only thing left is to update the game from the Play Store to enjoy the latest news.

Everything in this new season of PUBG

Now that we know about the availability of Season 17, it remains to know everything that it includes in terms of playable content. In this sense, it brings a new battle pass called ‘Runic Power’, as well as a rank reset that will allow us to earn new rewards while advancing through the 100 new levels.

pubg mobile season 17 runic power

There will be a free version and a paid version of this battle pass. The latter will have two modalities that are the Elite Pass version, which will include 600 UC and the Elite Pass Plus version, with 1800 UC in addition to including 25 free ranks. As always, with the free version we can also carry out missions to get rewards, but to a lesser extent.

As for rewards for completed missions, one of the most striking is the enviable Guardian armor plus a fearsome Uzi, although we will also be able to receive an M16A4. However, this will be achieved by reaching the rank 100 of the battle pass. Earlier, at rank 50, we can spin the Roulette of Destiny to select between the shining dawn or the death sickle.