Ruffle: an emulator that brings Adobe Flash Player back

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Ruffle emulator featured

Adobe Flash was coming to an end in January of this year for all users in Spain. After 25 years in the market, many gaming websites have problems, as they can no longer use this tool. Luckily, there is a way to enjoy it again, with an open source emulator called Ruffle.

Ruffle will allow you to play those games that depend on Adobe Flash again. This emulator is written in the Rust language and it is presented as a good option for those who have been caught off guard by the end of Flash. It works both as a standalone app and integrated into the browser via WebAssembly.

Ruffle brings back the Adobe Flash experience

Ruffle emulator

Ruffle is an emulator written in the Rust programming language and it has the ability to run games of all kinds. Also, thanks to the programming language’s built-in memory protection feature, it is significantly more secure than Adobe Flash. Helps to eliminate memory errors, such as buffer overrun among others.

This use also allows bypass Flash security issues, known over time, more so now that its support has officially ended. It will allow worry-free use at all times. Although many web pages have been updated and stopped using Flash Player, there are many in which this has not happened, especially pages of online games. This emulator is presented as a temporary solution while these pages are being updated.

Once this emulator is installed, all those Flash content on a website will run automatically in Ruffle. This will allow you to access and use those pages that still depend on that Flash content as you did before December 31, 2020.

Ruffle Flash emulator

This emulator is an open source project, maintained and powered by volunteers. It can be used on any operating system, such as Windows, Linux, or macOS. It can also be used on Android devices, but there is currently no app for Android phones, but it can be add using an extension in browsers like Chrome or Firefox, which has a new method. So you can access these websites from your phone too.

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