Right mouse button not working for you in Windows? Solutions

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Mouse does not work

If you suffer from the problem that you press the right button of your mouse and the menu that should or takes too long to appear does not open, you should know that there are several solutions that you can try so that everything returns to normal.

If the mouse does not work for us, it can be presented in multiple ways, although the most common and possibly the most annoying can be:

  • When it doesn’t work in Windows: in this case the right button is important in many situations, such as when we want to copy a file, enter its properties or make quick access to parts of the system.
  • If it doesn’t work in the browser: To give you an example, many times we need to download a photo that we are seeing in our browser, either Chrome, Edge or Firefox. To perform this task the right button of our mouse is essential and if it does not work we have it difficult.
  • When it doesn’t work in a program: there are applications in which the operation of the right button is essential, so its operation should always be present.

The possible solutions that we have so that this problem stops appearing are varied, since the problem can be caused by different reasons.

The mouse itself

Although it sounds obvious, we should check the device itself to see if the problem is mechanical. Another thing we can do, if our mouse is wireless, is to change the batteries, unless they have so little charge that it affects its operation. Once we have verified that the mouse is in perfect condition, it is time to carry out other possible solutions.

Update mouse drivers

It may be that the error comes from a problem with the mouse drivers, so updating them to have the latest ones that have been released can solve our problem.

  • Let’s go to the painting Type here to search from the Windows start menu and write Device administrator.
  • At that time we select the option of such Administrator and we go where it says Mouse and other pointing devices.
  • If we now double click on our device, we will open the tab Properties.
  • Now we go to the tab Controller and click on Update Driver.

device manager

  • In the window that is launched, we only have to click on the option Search automatically for updated driver software.

Disable tablet mode

It may be that the tablet mode is activated and that is the reason why the right button works worse, since there are times that there is incompatibility between the two.

For this we must do the following:

  • We press the key Windows + A.
  • The sidebar of the Activities Center.
  • In it we should see a button that puts tablet mode. It should be disabled, so if it is active, click on it to stop working.

In case this button does not appear, you can do the following:

  • We are going to Setting, by clicking on the cogwheel in the Start menu.
  • Then we click on System.
  • Now we will see how it appears Tablet in the menu that we see on the left of the screen.
  • Once we have clicked, we must choose in the drop-down below When I log in the option that puts Never use tablet mode.

Windows 10 Tablet Mode

Installed programs

Sometimes these problems are caused by programs that interfere with the operation of the right button. If we have installed a new application and from that moment the button has stopped working, it is best to uninstall it to see if that is the reason why it does not work.

Restart Windows Explorer

If the moment of failure is when we are in Windows Explorer (which is not the same as the file explorer) it may be that there is some type of error or block that prevents the proper functioning of the mouse.

What we must do is restart Windows Explorer by following these steps:

  • We press the keys Windows + Alt + Del.
  • In the menu that comes out we choose Task Manager.
  • Once we are in it, we must right click (here it should work) where it says Task Manager and select Restart.

In this way the Explorer will restart and we will be able to check if the right button works again in the whole system.

Windows Explorer

Check the Policy Editor

At Group Policy Editor There is an option regarding the context menu that we must deactivate, but we must make it clear that this option is not present on devices with Windows 10 Home, but that you must have the Professional version to be able to access this menu.

  • The first thing we must do is press the key Windows + R and write gpedit.msc, to then press at Intro.
  • Then we must click on User settings, Then in Administrative Templates to then choose in Windows components.
  • Now we must go to File Browser which is to the left of the Group Policy Editor window.
  • at that time we have to double click Remove the default context menu from Windows Explorer to open the window and deactivate it if it is active. If the option is activated.
  • Click on Apply, Then in To accept and then we must restart the computer.

File checker

Now we are going to talk about an internal Windows tool that corrects the system files that are corrupt and that could be the cause of the malfunction of the right mouse button and the contextual menu that comes with it. To run System File Checker, better known as SFC scannow, we must perform the following steps:

  • We press the key Windows + X.
  • Now we select the Windows Powershell (Command Prompt), but as Administrator, something important.
  • Then we write sfc / scannow and press Enter.

SFC on Windows

  • This tool will take about 20 minutes to finish and if it finds something it will indicate it on the screen.
  • Now we should reboot the system for the changes to take effect.

With everything we have told you, you should solve the problem with the right mouse button. As you have seen, there are multiple possibilities for it to work perfectly again.

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