Review Stumble Guys: opinion about this mobile game

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Stumble Guys

In the Play Store we have many games available for Android devices. A game that has been amassing for a while a good amount of followers is Stumble Guys, a name that may sound familiar to many of you. We will talk to you about this game for Android phones and tablets below, with a review, so that you know whether or not it is worth downloading it to your device.

Stumble Guys is a mass elimination game for multiplayer groups, in which up to 32 players can play online. This game is inspired by titles like Fall Guys, which are also very popular on Android and iOS devices. So if you were interested in games within this genre, surely this game is presented as an option to consider. We tell you more about the game and our opinion about it.

Stumble Guys: What is this game and how does it work

Stumble Guys

As we have already said, we are facing a game of mass elimination for Online player groups of up to 32 players. In this game we have to fight at various levels, in which the chaos is increasing significantly. The objective is simple: stand up as the victors of this battle against the rest of those players. If we are eliminated at any of the various levels there are, we will have to start all over again. So until we finally win one of these games within the game.

Stumble Guys is a game that is inspired by such popular titles as Fall Guys. Since this game was launched on the market we have seen many copies have emerged on Android, this game being one of the best copies or alternatives to it. One of the keys in this regard is that they have managed to offer an experience that is very similar to that of Fall Guys, making it so interesting to play it.

This game has been developed by Kitka Games and can be downloaded for free on Android, available in the Google Play Store. Inside it we have ads and purchases, purchases designed to improve our character and to be able to advance more quickly between its levels, although they are optional at all times. You will be able to play without having to spend money on this game.

Pros and cons

Stumble Guys Android

A game like Stumble Guys is based on or inspired by titles like Fall Guys, something that can be highly criticized, but the reality is that it is not something negative. This game seeks to offer us a similar experience on Android and iOS, without us having to pay money for it, which is something that makes it a more accessible game for many users on the operating system, for example. As with any other game available on Android, it has a number of pros and cons, which are good to be aware of.


  1. It is inspired by Fall Guys but has managed to create its own identity at the same time, offering a similar, but unique experience at the same time.
  2. The controls are very simple.
  3. It is fun to play with friends or alone.
  4. The store gives us many customization options for our character.
  5. Some graphics that help us get into this story.
  6. Possibility of creating rooms with friends to fight against them.
  7. Fun physics (very funny falls).


  1. The number of maps is still somewhat limited.
  2. It can be repetitive in some cases (the lack of new maps or levels).
  3. Players are paired with bots too many times to fill rooms or levels.
  4. For some users it may be too similar to Fall Guys (few changes or new features).
  5. Something childish for some for their falls and physics.

Character customization

Stumble Guys customization

As we have seen in other games in this market segment such as Fall Guys, the customization of our character is something that is very important in Stumble Guys. As you can see when you open the game, we have a store where we can buy various skins with which the appearance of the character is changed, as well as some abilities that could be of help to us. Being able to change how the character looks is something that is greatly enhanced in the game.

There are many options in this sense, with different costumes, and you can also change the color of your skin, face and expression, to the way it’s gonna move. This is something interesting, because in this game the physics is the most fun and unexpected, an element that undoubtedly adds a new dimension to the game and is something to keep in mind at all times. Falls will be unexpected and are also something to keep in mind when controlling your character and facing rivals at their levels.

Many of the skins that we can use in Stumble Guys are free, but there are also many others that are paid. The game gives us options to customize the character without having to pay money, but the ones that look better or may be more interesting for some users are those for which we have to pay. It is best to first use the ones that are free and if you are going to play this game more and more on Android, then you can use one of the payment options from time to time.

Tournaments and rankings

Multiplayer on Stumble Guys

Stumble Guys is based on how the battle royale works, so let’s go to face other players online in a fight in which only one can remain. In these games we are going to face players from all over the world, although there are also many bots from the game itself in them, so it is something you should know at all times. On many occasions, some bots are introduced so that those rooms are filled and have those 32 players.

There are in-game tournaments, designed for us to face other players. These tournaments are a way to show our skills in this type of situations and battle royale combats. The operation in them does not change with respect to that of random games in the game. Of course, the objective is to win these tournaments to be able to get rewards that help us to advance, as well as to be able to improve our character in the game.

In addition to these tournaments, inside Stumble Guys we can see the classifications. These rankings are a way to see how we are progressing or improving in the game, after having participated in tournaments or in these battle royale games. If it is a game that you are going to play with friends, it is presented as a good way to compare the skills or level of each of you based on the position you occupy in this list or classification within the game. These rankings are updated in real time, so you can always see changes in your position after a game or tournament.

Review of Stumble Guys

Stumble Guys play

Stumble Guys is a game that is making its way among millions of users on Android and iOS. As we have mentioned on several occasions, this game does not present us with a new concept. It is a game that is notably inspired by Fall Guys, as well as other games based on the battle royale concept. Although it leaves us with a unique gaming experience, thanks to the fact that they know how to introduce elements that make it different from other games in this field.

The colorful graphics and the fun physics of the game are two very important aspects. Stumble Guys is full of fun falls and sometimes surreal or absurd, something that helps make it especially entertaining at all times. In addition, it has really simple controls, which helps any player on Android to be able to enjoy it on their phone. The one that gives us many options for customizing the character is another aspect that is valued positively.

It is clear that we are facing a game that has yet to grow. There are not too many maps yet available and a larger number of players are still missing in some games, where bots are used to fill the rooms. But it is a game that has potential and that can certainly grow, if these new maps and levels are added and the community of players is allowed to grow. This way, that number of bots can be reduced in it and the games will be more entertaining for users.

Stumble Guys is inspired by Fall Guys and many will see it as a simple copy of this game. But the reality is that it is a game that is creating its own identity slowly. In addition, it is important to mention at all times that it is a game that leaves us with a very different experience, so when we are playing it will not feel like a copy of Fall Guys. In our opinion it is a game worth giving a try. You can download it for free on your phone from the Play Store at the following link: