Restart and reset your Kindle e-reader to factory settings

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kindle from amazon menu off

The Kindle is the Amazon e-reader with which you can enjoy the entire collection of books from the online giant. If you have a problem with it, restarting it or resetting it to factory settings may be the solution, we will tell you how to do it.

Amazon currently markets three models of the Kindle e-reader. The Kindle It is the basic version, which now includes adjustable front light and a battery with autonomy for several weeks. Kindle Paperwhite It is the mid-range model with a larger screen and is waterproof. The high range is made up of Kindle Oasis with warm lighting, E-Ink technology and a slimmer and lighter design. Although it usually varies according to stocks, all models are usually also for sale as reconditioned devices at a cheaper price.

kindle reset screen

Differences between resetting and rebooting

Do not worry if you confuse terms such as restart, reset, reset … That everything sounds the same or similar is usual. But it is true that these are different concepts and that you must be clear about them when you are going to get your hands on a device to repair it. Not only with Amazon Kindle e-readers, most mobile devices allow a factory reset or reset. First of all, clarify that resetting is usually the same as resetting or take a device to factory settings.

Restart It is the most “light” concept. It is the same as turning off and on again. What happens is that in many cases it is not possible to turn off “for good”, by pressing the corresponding button to access the shutdown menu. Sometimes you have to try another alternative method.

Reset to factory settings or reset a device means the settings will revert to the same as when you purchased the device. As long as it was new and had not been used before, of course. Depending on the type of device and how the brand has designed it, these processes may be different, they can be done directly from the settings menus or through a physical button.

Restart the Kindle

Restarting the Amazon e-reader is usually helpful to solve slight problems that occur very sporadically. A screen lock, download problems, or especially slow performance is something that can happen to anyone. These types of errors can be normal as long as they do not happen on a regular basis. If it happens to you once every few months it shouldn’t be a worrying thing since a reboot is a matter of a few minutes. If your Kindle crashes, or the screen turns white or black, on a daily basis, it would be best if you contact Amazon technical support.

kindle lit button

In order to restart the Kindle e-reader all you have to do is:

  • Press and hold the power button until the shutdown menu.
  • Tap on Restart.
  • If it is a blockage and this menu does not appear, you will have to press the power button again for 40 seconds and you release it. You do not have to do anything else, you will see how the charging indicator light turns on and the device turns on as it normally does.

menu off kindle amazon

This procedure makes the files and settings rerun from scratch and your Kindle works again as it has done up to that point. That is, all content, settings, subscriptions, etc. will remain intact, in this process you shouldn’t lose any information and you will see that the device works the same.

Reset or reset

Resetting a device means applying the original factory settings. Normally this implies that all the information related to the user is deleted. All the downloaded books, the configuration and personalization of the Kindle, as well as the personal information that you may have stored will be erased. The reset can be understood as a new factory installation to put it in some way, it is to go back to the beginning. You will have to register again, sync your content, and set up your Kindle as you did the first time in order to use it again. Among other things, you will have to configure the connection to your WiFi network again, in case you need to find the password while the Kindle is resetting.

A Kindle reset cannot be forced by performing a combination of presses on the physical buttons. To reset the Kindle to factory settings you have to:

  • Go to screen Start
  • To select Menu.
  • Then we go to Setting.
  • We click on the «…» from the menu.
  • We will see the button Reset device, just press it.

menu reset kindle device

What to keep in mind?

It is important to know when to restart your Kindle and when to factory reset or reset it. In general, they are usually restart the Kindle to fix slight problems And that doesn’t happen often. These types of problems, as we have said before, can be device crashes, blank screens or problems when downloading content. If you cannot restart your Kindle with the methods explained above, try charging the device with the charger included by Amazon for 30 or 40 minutes and try restarting it again. In case of not being able to restart it, if you can access the configuration menu, it would be advisable to reset it to factory settings.

The reset It is used when screen locks or malfunctions are constantly repeated. In fact, it is advisable to reset it before having to go to the technical service, many problems can be solved that way. In addition, the Kindle is not designed to be completely shut down and, although it is designed to work in optimal conditions that way, it can cause some hang-up or slower-than-normal operation problems. Resetting to factory defaults is also recommended when the Kindle is changing ownership. Whether you give it to someone you know or sell it to a stranger, it is advisable to reset the settings to avoid problems.

Another interesting way to troubleshoot your Kindle is software updates. These are done automatically, both the download of the file and its installation, as long as we are connected to a WiFi network. In the event that we want to know if our device is updated, or if we want to update it manually because we will not be able to have it connected to the network, you can visit the Kindle software update website that Amazon has enabled.

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