Resources that can help you manage your business

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company management

Hand in hand with technology, many resources that can help you manage your business easily and efficiently. In this article you will find valuable information about them.

Business management today

It is no secret to anyone that the way of doing business has changed for various reasons, including the incidence of Covid-19 in the world and the rapid growth of social networks that now they work as means of diffusion that many companies use in their favor.

tools for digital transformation

The digital transformation of the company Today is based on the fact that users have changed their way of buying and consuming due to circumstances. Before they visited physical stores in their locality in search of what they needed, nowadays they can request any product or service with just the move of a finger to use their mobiles and receive them directly at home.

To the extent of this change, the operation of companies has also had to be modified to adapt them to the current reality, fortunately there are many resources to facilitate its management and optimize its performance.

8 Useful resources for work, administration and business organization

The following list includes useful tools for business management today, which can be combined for even more benefits.

1. Task manager and teamwork

Through a task manager it is possible to plan pending activities to assign them to individuals or groups, control those that are in progress and validate those completed. In short, keep track of the process.

example asana

Some of the most used today are Trello, Asana and Notion.

2. CRM for customer and supplier management

These acronyms refer to “Customer Relationship Management”, A program dedicated to controlling the relationships that the company maintains with its customers and suppliers, where a record of contacts and a database are kept on all those who have had interaction with the business.

Today you can use Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Pipedrive, and SumaCRM.

3. Software for human resources management

The procedures of the human resources department are much simpler and more efficient when they have a software that registers all the activity concerning the employees, including working hours, work modality (face-to-face or remote), rest, vacations, layoffs, among others. .

Bizneo HR

Some of the options currently available are Bizneo HR, Factorial, Workday and Personio.

4. Conferences and interpersonal relationships

Now that many must work from home, face-to-face meetings are becoming rare. On the other hand, you can take advantage of certain tools where contact is established through the electronic devices that are currently used and everything is manageable from them.

Zoom application

They are especially recommended Slack, Zoom, Google Meet and Skype.

5. Information storage

File cabinets full of documents are a thing of the past, today it is possible to store a large amount of information in the cloud, which can be accessed at any time through the internet.

The best options in this case are Google Drive, Dropbox and One Drive.

6. Billing and administration

The elaboration of invoices with signature and in bulk it can be managed digitally through specialized software, which implies a considerable saving of time and effort. Some of these programs even keep the company’s accounting records.

Examples of this are Quipu, Holded and Odoo.

7. Social media management

Hootsuite tool

Social networks can be managed centrally and easily through tools such as Tweetdeck, Hootsuite or Metricool, where it is also possible to automate and plan publications, which means saving time and the possibility of creating complete advertising campaigns.

8. ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning

These are complete programs that have specialized modules in different business tasks, useful for everything that has to do with logistics, warehousing, inventory, human resources, expense control and more.

The advantage of these types of tools is that they have a flexible design, completely adaptable to the needs of any company, through the addition or elimination of modules.

Microsoft Dynamics

Some options are Unit4, Epicor, NetSuite, and Microsoft Dynamics.

Some of these tools can help you enormously to manage internally and externally the operation of your company. Although the most recommended is that consult a professional Choose which ones are the best for you for your type of business.