Repair your Chrome user profile when it is corrupted

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Google Chrome Profile

When we create a new user in Google Chrome, a user profile is automatically created where their passwords, favorites or browsing history, among many other data, are saved. Unfortunately, we may occasionally encounter certain errors that make our Chrome user profile not open correctly, cannot find the settings, or the browser has some strange behavior, such as closing immediately or displaying a blank window. Next, we will show How can we repair a corrupted Chrome profile in Windows 10.

Everything that we are going to tell you that we can try so that this problem disappears from our browser and that everything returns to normal. Surely with what we are going to tell you we can make it work normally.

Chrome profile issues

Disable extensions

The first thing we must do is deactivate or uninstall all the extensions that we have installed in the browser, since they are usually one of the main causes that a Chrome profile suffers some damage or simply does not work. To do this, we must follow these steps:

  • We write the following in the Chrome address bar:
    • Chrome: // extensions
  • We can also choose to go to the browser menu by pressing the three dots in the address bar and in the drop-down menu that comes out by clicking on More tools and then in Extensions.
  • Now we are deactivating or eliminating each one of them, that is already the choice of each one.

chrome profile

We restart Chrome and see if the problem has been resolved. If so, we already know that one of the extensions is the one that caused the failure to appear. To know exactly which is the culprit, it would be necessary to activate one by one and check that the problem does not recur.

Clear the browser

Another option we have is to use a tool integrated in Chrome that behaves like a kind of antivirus or browser cleaner. We can use it to see if any malicious software is causing these problems with our Chrome profile. To launch the tool we must do the following:

  • Click on the three vertical points in the upper right part of the screen to enter the menu Chrome.
  • Then we click on Setting.
  • Now we will see how on the left side of the screen there are several options located vertically. Well, we must click on the one that says Advanced settings.
  • We will see how new options are incorporated. then we must enter Recall settings and delete.
  • Then it will be time to click Clean computer.
  • Now, we only have to click on the button Look for option Find harmful software.
  • Regarding the tab below where it says «Send a detailed report to Google with information about malicious software, system settings and processes detected on the computer during cleaning»Each one will choose if they want to send this abstract or not.

Harmful Chrome Software

Restore to defaults

The next thing we can try to fix corrupted Chrome profile on Windows 10 is restore defaults original browser settings. For this we will have to perform a few simple steps:

  • We click again on the three points in the upper left and we will Setting.
  • Click on Advanced settings, which is located on the left side of the screen.
  • At that moment we enter Retrieve settings and delete.
  • In the next window we will see what it says Restore original defaults configuration, place where we must enter.
  • Now in the window that is thrown where they ask us Reset settings?, we have to click on Reset settings.
  • The tab where they tell us that «generates a report of current settings to help improve Chrome»We mark or unmark it as we ourselves want.

Restore Chrome settings

Delete profiles from Chrome

If everything remains the same, we can try to remove or uninstall all Chrome profiles. To delete a profile from Chrome, we must do the following:

  • We have to click on the Profile. That is, we will see that, in the upper right part, right next to the three vertical points to which we have previously agreed, the photo of our profile appears in the round.
  • Now we must click on the cogwheel that appears in the middle of the drop-down that just appeared, which is located on the right side.
  • Now we will see how all the profiles that we have in Chrome appear and that give an error. It is as simple as clicking on the three vertical dots that appear in the upper left part of each photo and selecting Delete this profile.

chrome profile

We can also delete the default Chrome profile manually. To do this, we carry out these steps:

  • We open a Windows window by pressing the Win + R keys at the same time.
  • We wrote % LocalAppData% GoogleChromeUser Data and click on To accept. This will open a file explorer window in the path of the Chrome profile.
  • What we have to do is rename the folder User Data, for example, to Backup, and so we will force Google Chrome to create a new default profile.

This option is something that does not always work so in your case you may get an error when placing this command or that the folder does not appear.

Disable Sandbox mode

Finally, we can also test disable Sandbox mode to fix the error with the Chrome profile. Remember that this mode makes each tab that we open in the browser open in its own container and does not affect other tabs or the operation of the system. To disable it:

  • Click on the Google Chrome shortcut icon and we access the Properties, by clicking with the right mouse button.
  • Now we must go to the Destination field, where we must add at the end of the URL that we see the following: -no-sandbox
  • Now we simply click on Apply and then OK.

Then we restart Chrome and check if the problem has been solved, to be able to work with the Chrome profile as we did before suffering any type of error.

Disable Sandbox in Chrome

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