Remove the annoying “Color Profile Missing” notice in Photoshop

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Photoshop allows us edit all kinds of photos professionally and it’s packed with tools anyone can use as long as they have the program and pay for the license. But the configuration can make our life easier if we remove annoying windows, for example. If you are one of those who use any of the latest versions of the Adobe tool, then surely you are tired of seeing the window with the warning Color profile is missing. In that case, we explain how you can remove it or make it disappear.

Normally we ignore this window or simply do not pay attention to it and continue working with the editor without any problem. But it can be annoying if you open large packages of images and have to close them all to start working. In that case, you can deactivate or activate the corresponding window as many times as you want and it will only take a few seconds to do so.

Color profile is missing

Specifically, this notice is a window that opens every time you open an image. In it, we are asked about the RGB profile of the image, a detail that, although for some it can be very useful, for the vast majority it is nothing more than a nuisance. However, from the window itself there is no option to indicate that we do not want to be shown this warning of the missing color profile every time we open an image in Photoshop.

What does it mean? Photoshop tells us that there are no color profiles embedded in the files that you are opening with the editing program. This gives us the option to modify them and change the colors, although it is best to ignore this window and continue using the image as usual. We can simply choose the option we want from those available (do not modify, allocate space or allocate profile) and press “ok” or press “Cancel”. But we cannot cancel the window or mark the option so that they no longer appear from the notice itself. Luckily, we can do it from the configuration of the photography program regardless of the version you have and that it does not appear until you activate it again.


Turn off the notice in Photoshop

You can disable the warning from Photoshop settings. The steps that we must follow to eliminate the annoying window that appears every time you open an image are simple and we simply have to do them once until it stops appearing. They may vary slightly from one version to another if yours is older or more recent than the one we will use for this tutorial but generally it will always be

We go to the top menu of Photoshop and open “Edit” which we will normally see as the second tab in the menu. Here, we must open the drop-down and among all the options we go to the end. We can open the color settings by tapping on this option or with the keyboard shortcut: Control + Shift + K.

color settings

Once here, we will have all the workspace management options, the color management standards and a series of drop-downs that we can choose for RGB, CMYK or gray, for example. But here we can also deactivate the “Color profile is missing” dialog box that usually appears in Photoshop.

When we have opened this window we will see that at the bottom it says “Color management standards”. At the bottom of this section, let’s find a series of settings that we can activate or deactivate simply by checking or unchecking the box that is displayed next to each of them.


On this occasion, the option we are looking for is Profiles are missing, which only shows one option, Ask when opening, and that is precisely the one that we must uncheck to deactivate the notice of Missing the profile when opening an image in Photoshop. It will be activated by default but we simply have to remove the check from the corresponding box and save the change so that it does not come out again.

Once unchecked, we only have to save the changes by clicking on the button okay and from that moment on, we will see how the Missing profile window no longer appears when we open an image.

That is, the steps that we must follow, summarized, are the following:

  • We open Photoshop in the computer
  • We choose an image
  • We go to the upper left in the program menu
  • We open the Editing section at the top
  • In the menu, we look for the section “Color adjustments”
  • The options window will open
  • We are going to “Missing profiles”
  • We look for the box that says “Ask when opening”
  • We make sure that it is completely unchecked
  • We keep the changes

Once you open Photoshop or add a new image, the corresponding window will no longer appear asking you if you want to modify them or not.

Activate and save

If you are a professional, this window will help you and have it activated to be able to decide with each image and with the color profiles. In that case, what we will do is leave the window as it is instead of modifying or deleting it. Therefore, we can save the image keeping the color profile we want.

In this case, what we must do is go to Photoshop and touch in the upper left corner, in the “File” section. Here what we will do is open the drop-down menu and search for “Save as…” It will depend on the version you have that will give you two options or not. In our case, we must select “Save to computer” and it will take us to a window where we choose the location of the file.

At the bottom of this window, although you may not have ever noticed, there are a series of aspects that we can mark. We see that we can save and choose a name and format but we can also go to the window “Colour“And we choose the option”Use Proof Setting: CMYK Workspace”Or the second section:“ ICC profile: Adobe RGB ”. We must mark this second option to save the file on our computer and then allow us to recover.

ICC profile

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