Register in Google Classroom and teach as a student or teacher

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google classroom on a classroom background

Google Classroom is the free teaching and learning platform developed by the internet giant. Facilitates communication, creation and monitoring of tasks between teachers and students regardless of their physical location. Let’s see how to create an account and how to access the class.

In recent years, the use of digital platforms for education and training of students has grown notably due to the advantage that this way of teaching offers. Avoiding travel, better personalized attention, greater control of the tools and materials used are just some of the benefits of virtual classes.

What is Google Classroom

This online teaching platform, part of the program Google for Education, is one of the most used for class management, both for face-to-face courses and for distance learning. Obviously the greatest advantages are obtained in the second way.

In addition, as is customary in the Alphabet subsidiary, many of the proprietary applications are integrated with each other. Use Blogger for the student to make private reflections, or Forms to assess knowledge are just some of the examples. New tools with new functions are continually being designed.


Teachers have the power to manage how many classes they need, they can create classes, assign assignments to students, follow up by video call or add assignments to the whole class. Mainly it tries to be a real classroom with digital format. All Google applications that may be interesting are integrated, such as Calendar to mark dates or Meet to do group work.

The typical tasks of teachers in an institute are present in Classroom, because they can be created questions, to post ratings, make comments public or private on the works and assignments of the students. On the other hand, students also have tools to to interact with the teachers or the rest of the students and carry out all the tasks, assignments and exams. They also have the option to add comments to the work delivered, answer to the questions posed by the teacher, work on the documents uploaded to Drive or check ratings. It is by no means a mere application to chat and make video calls with the teacher.

enter google classroom


To access Google Classroom you just have to have a computer with internet access and open the web browser to visit the login page. Once you identify yourself with your account, you just have to click on Continue. From there you have the tool available to you, whether you are a teacher or a student.

Another possibility is to use the mobile application, available in the Android Play Store, and also in the iOS App Store.

Google Classroom
Google Classroom

Google Classroom
Google Classroom

With the mobile version Teachers will be able to create classes, contact students and track their assignments and post notes or comments. Students will also have the ability to post messages, deliver assigned homework, and communicate with teachers or other students in the class. To enjoy all the Classroom applications on your mobile, it is important to install it as well. Documents (Play Store or App Store), Spreadsheets (Play Store or App Store) and Presentations (Play Store or App Store).

Create account in Classroom

To create a class you only need to be connected to your account and be over 13 years of age. In the case of belonging to an educational center and that it has an account of Google Workspace for Education you will need to connect with his email.

Only with that will be enough to be able to have an account in Classroom. If we click on the applications icon located in the upper right, next to our profile photo, and we scroll down we will find the icon of the tool. By clicking on it we will directly access our account whether we are a student, teacher, or both at the same time. If the account you are accessing from is a school (configured by an accredited educational center) or it is from a personal account, Google Workspace will define the functions that you will have available within each class.

access classroom account

It is important verify that we are using the correct account to connect. As is increasingly common, you can have different accounts for different uses (personal, work, with your partner or family …), so you can only join a class if you are connected with the same account that your teacher has to assign you one class.


If you are a teacher or administrator of an educational center account, you will have the option of create classes, if you are a student enrolled in an educational classroom you can access them. For those who access the application from a personal account, they can also create classes or join them independently, it is not possible to be a teacher and a student in the same class.

classroom control panel

Create classes

In order to create a class from the desktop web application or from any of the mobile applications we will have to follow the following steps:

  • Hate Classroom.
  • Click on the icon “+” in the upper right.
  • Click on Create a class (If this option does not appear, ask the Administrator to enable you to do so).
  • Fill in the form indicating the Name of the class, which is mandatory, and the section, subject and classroom (which are optional).
  • We click with the mouse on To create.

create a class in google classroom

With this we will have the class activated with access to the menu in the right sidebar to manage the different classes that we have created, the Calendar and other settings.


Once the class is created, we have the possibility to add students or other collaborating teachers to participate. For this we will only have to go to the menu People from the top bar and click on the icon “+” within Teachers or Students.

To invite other teachers it will only be necessary to indicate the email of the account with which they are registered. If you want to invite a student to class you can do it in two ways, either by indicating the email with which they have accessed or sharing the link that appears in the form to add new students. Only for the option to add new students to the class will you be able to share the exclusive code which is indicated in the header of each class.

add students to classroom


When you want join a class as a student, The first thing you have to do is connect with your account and choose Classroom in the applications menu. Once this is done, the process to join a class through code is:

  • Click the button “+” in the upper right.
  • Choose Join a class.
  • Enter the code provided by the teacher (usually composed of 6 or 7 digits that can be numbers or letters).
  • Click the button Join me in the upper right.

how to join a class in google classroom

If you are joining a class through a link that the teacher has provided you, you just have to click on it and give Join me. Another possibility is to access through a invitation, for this you must connect to the application and you will see the new file of the class to which you have been invited with the button Join me activated.

Create tasks

We have already created our class and we have formed the team with collaborating teachers and students. It is time to create the tasks, for this we have to go to Homework in the top menu. From there, we can also carry out questions to class, include material didactic, organize topics and order them in the right way. Specifically, to create a task we will do the following:

  • We press the button “+ Create” in the upper left.
  • We choose Homework.
  • We indicate the Qualification of the task.
  • We write the instructions of the same (it is optional).
  • We add attached files if required.
  • we create documents Annexes with the Documents, Presentations, Spreadsheets, Drawings or Forms applications.
  • In the right side menu we assign the task to the different classes and students.
  • We chose the number of points on which to qualify or the Ungraded option.
  • We assign a date delivery and a topic (only one can be assigned per task).
  • We add a Rubric if required.
  • To confirm the creation we will go to the button Create task in the upper right, being able to do it at the moment, leave it in drafts or schedule it.

form to create a task in google classroom


In the Menu on the left sidebar, we will have access, among other functions, to Calendar. Here we can manage dates of task submissions and add or modify events. If we access from the web version on the computer we can access the delivery dates of the works and access them by clicking directly. These functions are exclusive to the Desktop application.

calendar in google classroom

Other global functions of the Calendar tool, regardless of the application used, is to access class events, add and read personal comments (only you can do it) and add or edit events and study sessions. The alternative to access the calendar of a class is to choose the option Homework from the top menu and clicking Google Calendar. In this way, this application will open in a new tab with all your active calendars, including the one synchronized with the classes you have created.

google calendar with classroom

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