Red Eléctrica de España has its own app: follow the electricity price live

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The cost of electricity or the current demand for energy are topics of interest to many in Spain. Red Eléctrica de España launches a new application for Android and iOS, which promises to be a help for many people. This application comes with the name redOS (although it continues under the name SmartVlu in the Play Store) and it is a way of being able to see in real time the state of the country’s electricity grid.

They provide a large amount of data on the electrical network, from current electricity demand, to the price of electricity at a given time in Spain. All data is in real time, so we can see the evolution of the network thanks to redOS.

The state of the Spanish electricity grid live

SmartVlu app electrical network

When you open the app on your phone, you are allowed to choose if you are a professional or a consumer, to then display data based on the type of user that is being addressed at that time. If you choose the consumer option, you will be able to see a series of real-time data on the electricity grid in Spain.

Are provided data such as the price of electricity in real time, demand, emissions or the percentage of energy that comes from sustainable sources. Upon entering each of these sections, additional information will be provided, as well as a graph showing the evolution of said variable. In the case of the price, you will be able to see the prices on different days, to get an idea about the price evolution over the days.

SmartVlu emissions data

This app is presented as a good application to get an idea about the evolution of the price of electricity in Spain, or the demand for electricity in the country. It also gives us information on sustainability, by being able to see the amount of emissions or the percentage of green energy that is produced in Spain, data of interest to many users. In addition to seeing if the network is approaching the decarbonisation targets set for 2050.

SmartVlu energy generation

The interface of the app is really simple, very visual thanks to the use of graphics, so a large amount of information is obtained without being overwhelming for the user. So if you are interested in the Spanish electricity grid, this app is the ideal tool.

How to download it on Android

redOS has already been officially launched in the Play Store, where we can download for free on our Android phones. The application does not have purchases or ads inside it, so that we can use it without distractions. This app is a continuation of SmartVlu, so it continues to show that name in the app store, but it is a renewed app, which you can download from this link:

Red Eléctrica de España has its own app: follow the electricity price live 1


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