Recover data from a mobile with a broken or unresponsive screen

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Today, we carry the mobile phone with us everywhere. Therefore, it is not strange that our devices suffer falls. Depending on the hit received, it is very normal for the screen to stop responding. What can you do in that case? How can you get all your data back? In this article we are going to offer you the best solutions if you find yourself in this situation.

First of all: backup in the cloud

The most common is that, if you use Android, you also use a Google account to save your data. If you have your photos synced to Google Photos, your documents to Google Drive, your contacts to Google Contacts, and your notes to Google Keep, then you don’t need to worry. When you repair your device, you simply have to sign in with your Google account to recover your data.

It is also possible to check if there is a backup copy of your information by accessing the desktop versions of your favorite applications. In addition, the cloud can also be your ally to recover your data from WhatsApp, OneDrive or any other service.

However, if you have verified that none of your data is hosted in the cloud or you have not previously done any mobile backup, we propose you some perfect solutions to recover your information whether your phone screen has been broken or if it does not show any image.

If the screen is not responding: use the file explorer

Before proceeding, you should know that, to connect your device and view the content in your computer’s file explorer, you will need to authorize the link. Therefore, this method will only work if you have already connected the device to your computer before. In that case, even if the screen does not work, a connection can be established between the two devices.

So, browse the phone memory and copy all the data you need. For example, in the folder DCIM the photos you have captured are located. In the address book Documents Y Downloads documents and downloads are stored, respectively.

Android internal foldersAndroid internal folders

Since you are using the browser, it is possible to use the classic commands, such as copy, cut or paste.

If the screen is broken but does respond

The two methods that we mention below will help you recover all your data, including contacts, with two applications available for Windows and macOS. Both are paid, although the second allows you to enjoy a free 5-day trial.

Also, the two applications that we suggest require you to have USB debugging activated. How can you enable this feature if your screen won’t turn on? We recommend that connect your device via HDMI to an external monitor. So, go to the settings and click on About Phone.

About of the phoneAbout of the phone

There, you make several clicks on the build number.

Enable developer optionsEnable developer options

Go back to the settings list and tap on System.

Android system settings listAndroid system settings list

Now choose Developer options.

Developer optionsDeveloper options

Finally, activate Android debugging.

Enable USB debuggingEnable USB debugging

Connect the device to your computer and open any of the two applications that we recommend in the following sections. Your phone will ask for your authorization to establish a debugging connection. The appearance of the screen will be very similar to what you see in the following screenshot.

Allow debuggingAllow debugging

Since you cannot see what is happening on the screen because you have already connected the device to the PC, try to click on the area where the button is located Allow.

Recover all the content of your device with Dr. Fone

Dr. Fone is a very simple application to use. The first step is to click Data recovery.

Start data recoveryStart data recovery

Next, select what content you want to recover.

Select data to recoverSelect data to recover

After the search process finishes, select all the files that you want to recover.

Retrieve data to computerRetrieve data to computer

At this point, Dr. Fone will ask you to create an account and activate a paid subscription.

Create account in Dr. FoneCreate account in Dr. Fone

Payment is essential to recover the content of your phone.

Recover all content from your Wondershare MobileGo device

Wondershare MobileGo is another alternative that will allow you to save your phone data. When you have established the connection, click One-Click Backup.

Fast data copyFast data copy

An application will be installed on your device. Disconnect the mobile from the computer, reconnect it to the external screen and open MobileGo.

MobileGo Installed on AndroidMobileGo Installed on Android

Grant all the necessary permissions.

Permissions to use MobileGoPermissions to use MobileGo

Next, reconnect your device to the computer and click the quick backup button again. In the pop-up window, select everything you want to copy and click Back Up.

Create backupCreate backup

MobileGo will create a backup hosted in the following path:

  • C: Users username Documents Wondershare MobileGo Backup

The backup file is in BAK format. However, you can change its extension to ZIP and extract all the contents of your phone in the directory that suits you best.

As you can see, all is not lost when it comes to device information if you have a problem with the screen. Of course, it is not a tasteful dish to see it shattered or inoperative, but at least you still have time to try these things to save the information.