Realme GT benchmark removed from AnTuTu: accused of cheating

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realme GT featured

The realme GT is the brand’s new high-end, which we hope will soon arrive in Spain. It is the most powerful smartphone of the manufacturer so far, a mobile that seeks to give a lot to talk about within the high-end Android range. It is giving rise to talk, although not always for the best reasons, as it is now with AnTuTu.

In a post on the Weibo social network, AnTuTu has openly criticized the realme GT. Apparently, the device would have lied in its benchmarks, which is why the well-known website has withdrawn the benchmark from its website. They consider that the phone did not reach their score in an honest way.

Controversy with the realme GT

realme GT benchmark cheats

AnTuTu claims that the phone did not get his score of 750,000 points in an honest way. The company has cited the performance of the realme GT in multithreaded workload and JPG decoding as its benchmarks for making these allegations. The phone would have manipulated its results to get a higher score than it could actually get.

According to reports, the phone used delay tactics Threading to run the multi-threaded test on your CPU cores as fast as possible, resulting in a higher score. Also, the phone would have modified the reference JPG image that AnTuTu used. Instead of literally processing the image, mosaic color blocks were used to reduce image quality, which allowed for shorter processing times.

Both actions by this realme GT go against the idea and concept of the benchmark, according to AnTuTu. The firm has therefore removed the phone of his tests, something that will last for three months. In addition, they have given an ultimatum to the brand, saying that if they do not change the way in which the phone completes said benchmark, they will eliminate it completely from their website.

realme does not become the first signature in be accused of falsifying your benchmarks, although AnTuTu’s warning is very serious in this case. In addition, this model is the manufacturer’s flagship for this year, so these accusations could have a negative impact on its image. The brand has not responded so far.

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