Razer Anzu: smart glasses with which to answer calls or play music

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Razer Anzu smart glasses

Razer is a well-known brand in Spain, thanks to its wide catalog of products and accessories, some of them for phones, such as the Kishi. The manufacturer continues to expand its product catalog, now with some interesting smart glasses, the Razer Anzu. These glasses allow you to perform functions such as answering calls or playing music from them.

The Razer Anzu will work like normal glasses, protecting from sunlight or blue light from screens, but they also have a number of smart features. They come in two different designs, so that each user is going to buy the model that fits their style.

Features Razer Anzu

Razer Anzu

  • Headphones: 16 mm driver.
  • Microphone: Omnidirectional.
  • Latency: 60 ms.
  • Drums:
    • Autonomy of up to 5 hours.
  • Weight: 43-48 grams.
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth.
  • Compatibility with iOS and Android.
  • Controls:
    • Music controls: Play, pause, previous, next.
    • Call controls: Answer or reject calls, end.
    • Others: Activate the mobile virtual assistant, game mode activation, power, Par.

Smart glasses to use with your mobile

Razer Anzu components

These Razer Anzu look like normal glasses at first glance, but we can see that under its pins we have some speakers, as well as two omnidirectional microphones inside them, which are the ones that will be in charge of capturing the audio in the calls. In addition, these glasses have touch controls, with which you can control music playback or calls, such as accepting or rejecting a call or ending it.

These glasses connect to the phone, then allowing music to be played, as if it were a normal Bluetooth headset. Music can be played from our streaming apps, such as Spotify. The touch controls will allow us to switch between songs, pause or even activate the voice assistant of our smartphone, as they are compatible with Android and iOS.

Razer Anzu round

The new Razer Anzu they will give us an autonomy of up to five hours. When charging them, the two pins must be connected, otherwise only one of the pins will charge and one will have more battery than the other. In terms of protection, these glasses will reduce blue light by 35% and offer a 99% level of UV protection against sunlight and are also compatible with prescription lenses. Razer also confirms that they are resistant to water using the IPX4 protocol, so they are not affected by splashes.

Price and availability

Razer Anzu design

The Razer Anzu are already officially launched on the Razer website, in its two versions (circular and rectangular). The price of both models is of 209.99 euros.It is not known if they will be available in other outlets and both arrive in a single color.

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