Qualcomm buys Nuvia: this is how they will improve their Snapdragon processors

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Qualcomm buys Nuvia: this is how they will improve their Snapdragon processors 1

Qualcomm is the processor brand best known to Android users in Spain, although in 2020 it has been surpassed in the market. Its Snapdragon processors are used in a multitude of Android devices, with its Snapdragon 888 chip being the most powerful so far. Although the company seeks to continue improving its range of processors.

This is something they are going to do thanks to their latest acquisition. Qualcomm has purchased Nuvia, a startup focused on developing custom kernels for Internet servers. A company founded by three former Apple employees, which will help the American firm to improve its Snapdragon processors.

Qualcomm buys Nuvia

Qualcomm Nuvia

One of the founders of Nuvia is Manu Gulati, the one who was responsible for Apple’s A-series processors for their iPhones, who later worked at Google. This purchase agreement would have been closed at around 1.8 billion dollars. The Nuvia team will become part of Qualcomm’s processor design team, with the goal of incorporating their technology into future Snapdragon processors.

Apparently, the technology that Nuvia has developed so far is going to help make improvements to Snapdragon chips. Notable improvements in power are expected, as well as reducing power requirements in 5G, the main problem facing today’s 5G modem chips. Nuvia will be able to make improvements in that power consumption, allowing you to take full advantage of the new generation of processors.

Qualcomm seeks to apply Nuvia’s technology in mobile processors, but it will also be available on other devices. From computers or connected vehicles. So its technology will be widely integrated into the firm.

This purchase may also have another important implication for the American processor firm. I would allow them replace the current components of which ARM it’s responsible. In other words, its dependence on ARM (currently held by NVIDIA) would be reduced thanks to the use of Nuvia’s technology, which would now be its own technology. So it would be a major change for the company.

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