Put windows in view to work faster in Windows

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Table of Contents

As you can imagine, this is something that will offer us new possibilities in Windows multitasking work. With this we will have the possibility to run several programs at the same time and have them all on the screen in order to switch between them more easily. In fact, if we have a large screen and a good equipment, this will help us greatly in our daily work. Moreover, if we do not focus on the aforementioned multitasking work, one of the main advantages of this is to be able to split pc screen.

If we do this, we can easily run several applications such as the browser and the text editor, all in sight at the same time. That is why to achieve this that we tell you, we are going to help you right here. We are going to show you how to divide the screen into Windows 10 and work with two programs simultaneously.

Turn on the Windows Dock feature

Of course, the first thing we should know in this regard is that to work with several windows on a single monitor, we have to activate the function Dock windows. To achieve this that we tell you, to begin we have to go to the configuration application of the operating system. We achieve this with the key combination Win + I so that it appears. In that window, in the case that concerns us, we have to opt for the System option, where we click.

At this moment, in the right part of the window that appears, we will see several sections related to the operation of Windows. Then we click on the so-called Multitasking. It will be at that moment when in the left panel that appears on the screen, we find the Dock windows control.

The only thing left to do here is to make sure that the slider to dock windows that we mentioned, is activated. In addition, below this selector, we find other options related to the window behavior on Windows. Therefore at this point we can also activate all or only those that interest us. These are the options that we find in this case:

  • Automatically resize when docking a window to fill available space.
  • Show docking options next to docked windows.
  • Resize the docked windows adjacent by resizing a docked window.

In this way, depending on how we want the windows to behave when placing more than one in view, we activate or deactivate these options. Once all this is done, we can close the application of Setting. In this way we can say that Windows is ready to help us divide the screen into several windows.

How to split the Windows screen into multiple windows

Once we have carried out the previous step in the Settings application, let’s see how to fit the program windows into one split screen. The first thing we do if necessary is to open two or more application windows on the system. Next, we select the program window that we want to fit on one of the sides of the screen. We place the mouse in an empty area of ​​the title bar, hold down the left mouse button and drag the window to the left side of del desk until the pointer touches the edge.

The moment the mouse pointer touch the edge of the screen, we will see that the desktop blinks briefly and a luminous outline appears. At that moment we release the mouse button. Then the desktop screen will be divided into two halves, and the one that we have dragged before, is fixed on the left side.

Dock app left

Dock two or four programs on the Desktop

Therefore, to dock another program, for example, on the right side, we only have to repeat the dragging process, but now to the opposite side. So, following the same steps but to the right of the desktop, the second Program it will snap to the right side of the screen.

split windows desktop

From this moment we already have two applications open, one next to the other, on the desktop screen. This means that we will have a divided screen in Windows to work more comfortably. In addition, this is something that we can also carry out, instead of with two, with four windows to view them simultaneously. To do this we have to repeat the same dragging process, but instead of to both sides, to the four corners of the screen.

Split the screen in Windows with PowerToys

When we refer to PowerToys, we are actually talking about a series of independent tools developed by the company itself. Microsoft. They are not included natively in the operating system, but we can download them from this link. To give us a rough idea, these are a set of utilities created to improve the experience of using Windows. We were originally able to see them in Windows 95, where they were hugely successful, but over time they fell into oblivion. That is why Microsoft now wants to resurrect these PowerToys as open source applications.

Well, once we know all this, we will tell you that one of the PowerToys that we find here will also be of help to us for this that concerns us now. And it is that this focuses on helping us divide the Windows screen into several parts to work with more than one program at the same time. Once we have installed them in the system, we have to locate the call FancyZones.

FancyZones powertoys split screen

It is actually a window manager with a multitude of configurable and customizable parameters. All of them designed in order to help us work in the most efficient way with multiple applications on Windows. FancyZones thus allows us to have several windows at the same time on the desktop. In the same way, we can configure different locations for these windows and thus place them correctly in a more automated way.

If we drag a certain window to that predefined area, it will be adjusted automatically. All of this can be configured from the PowerToys design editor using the Win + ñ key combination.

Fancyzones design split screen