PUBG Mobile Season 18: Royale Pass Launch

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Table of Contents

The season has kicked off along with other content that always accompanies every start. That is the Royale Pass, an exclusive paid content that players can access to obtain greater rewards and items than what could be obtained with a normal rhythm. It comes together with the version 1.3 update, under the name Centena de Ritmos


What does PUBG Mobile season 18 bring us?

Everything we can do or, rather, the objects that we can consume thanks to the new season and the Pass that accompanies it generates a lot of intrigue and curiosity. In this way, players can now go into the game to purchase the Royale Pass for Season 18 and complete the newly added missions for exclusive rewards.

Players who bought Royale Pass Season 18 They can select two sets of ranked rewards to unlock through in-game challenges. Start polishing new and current content and fill it out quickly to claim exclusive rewards for Pass purchasers.

Today, players who sign up for Royale Pass Season 18 can select two sets of ranked rewards to unlock through in-game challenges. Various collectibles include special masks from AUG and Kar98K, a violin music set and more.

royale pass season 18 pubg mobile

As the new event begins, players will encounter a character playing the violin accompanied by four women. A new item, adventure coupons, and much more will be ready for redemption, which can be done for multiple ranked rewards.

In order to make their third anniversary more exciting and memorable, the world-renowned superstars, Alesso and Lost Frequencies they come to heat up the scene. Both DJs will debut new singles on PUBG Mobile and host a live in-game performance on March 21, which will be streamed on the game’s official YouTube channel. In addition, for this event PUBG Mobile still has a couple of surprises in store for the celebration of its third anniversary, including the revelation of the third DJ invited to the event. The price of the Royale Pass is about 9.99 euros, while the Elite Pass increases to 29.99 euros.

A season accompanied with version 1.3

As we have said before, this new season is very unique, especially because it is accompanied by one of the most anticipated updates for the franchise, which is the version 1.3. It was highly anticipated for its many novelties, including being able to play a new chapter to play called Metro Royale: Uncover.

In this mode, you will have the option to jump into a game disguised as an NPC, so you will play undercover while searching for your enemies. There are also two other game modes. On the other hand, new vehicles are also included to navigate the map more quickly, having a Glider and Motor Glider.