ProtonVPN can now be downloaded on Android TV

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ProtonVPN for Android TV

ProtonVPN is a VPN from the creators of Proton Mail, which has been available in Spain for a couple of years, for free as well. It is a VPN that will allow us to browse in a safe and private way, thus having access to content that is otherwise blocked in our country. This VPN now comes to Android TV officially.

Launching a version of your Android TV app is an important moment. Proton VPN is the only open source VPN and completely free that we are in the market. Users can also enjoy this application on their televisions.

ProtonVPN now available for Android TV

ProtonVPN on Android TV

The ProtonVPN application for Android Tv will allow users to connect to servers in other countries. Thanks to this, you will have access to all kinds of streaming content in other countries, such as content that is not available in your country. This way you will enjoy said content directly on your television, in the same way that you enjoy content on those platforms in your country.

This new application is based on the same technology as the application for Android smartphones. Has suffered a redesign to fit televisionsas well as remote controls for televisions. In addition, it is available both in its free and paid version, as the application for Android smartphones. This allows Android TV users to enjoy private and secure browsing, as well as access to other content.

ProtonVPN Android TV installation

The way to download this version of ProtonVPN is the same as when we download the app on Android. We will simply have to download it from the Play Store (link at the end) and select your Android TV device from the list of devices when you click Install. You can also search for it in the Play Store directly on your Android TV and then proceed to download it. Then you just have to follow the instructions on the screen.

Once installed on your Android TV device, you just have to choose the country whose servers you want to connect, in order to have access to that streaming content. Whenever you want you can change the country, ProtonVPN provides this option, as in the app on Android. This new version of the app can now be downloaded for free at the following link:

ProtonVPN can now be downloaded on Android TV 1

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