Protect your digital life with Ciberprotector

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There are different solutions of safety and security for our digital life. VPN services, software for management of passwords, measures for extra protection of the access to our accounts of users in all services that we use… When a user searches for the maximum protection does not have more remedy than addressing all of these facets separately with how heavy it is. Why have a unified service that provides all these defenses centrally is one of the most recommendable option for any digital user.

Ciberprotector, an all-in-one for your digital security

The Android app of Ciberprotector is just the tool you need if you want to improve your security and privacy on all of these fronts without having to resort to various solutions, since it integrates everything the user may need. An intuitive interface divided into 5 tabs gives you all the options.


To connect to the Internet it is best to do so through a VPN connection. A VPN is a virtual private network able to that acts as an intermediary between our COMPUTER and our Internet provider, which means obtaining different benefits, such as hide our identity and our activity from the eyes of others. To connect to the Internet through one of these networks we’re preventing anyone to know who we are and what we visited. From the corresponding section you can enable and disable the connection virtual private with a single click. At the top you’ll be able to deploy all the available servers, a list of countries to which you do not lack alternatives. In each case you’ll be able to see the IP addresses that are used. When you are disconnected it is also possible to see your real IP address. You don’t have to deploy the servers list, choose the country through which you want to establish the connection, and click on the huge button that takes up the whole screen. Easy and intuitive.

Section VPN CiberprotectorSection VPN Ciberprotector


The managers of passwords is an effective way to store all your access keys in a centralized location. Forget that you use the same password, always, here, you can set different passwords and safe that will be accessible only if you know the master password (you can also set individual passwords do not require this master key). In addition, you’ll be able to store notes and files, keeping all such protected data in a safe virtual.

Section Trunk to store passwords, notes and filesSection Trunk to store passwords, notes and files


This section allows you to set a two-factor authentication on platforms and services that you use to ensure maximum security and prevent anyone that has ever achieved our access data to enter in our accounts. You will need to first activate this function via the web by using the data of your account. Once that is done you will have much improved the protection of both your account Ciberprotector as the rest of third-party accounts that you use.

Applies the two-factor authentication to platforms and servicesApplies the two-factor authentication to platforms and services


The section of Security it shows different tips to increase the level of security of your devices. In the case of Android, it is recommended to disable the bluetooth when not in use, the location services, to keep Android in the latest version, enable the encryption of the data… a Whole battery of measures of great help: make sure you follow all of them to have the listing with all the green symbols activated. That will be synonymous with maximum protection for your data.

Section check-ups of safety and health of the dispsoitivoSection check-ups of safety and health of the dispsoitivo


Finally, accounts with a section of settings where it is possible to do different things. For example, you can configure the behavior of the autocompletion in Chrome and in other apps. You can also define in which WiFi networks to use the VPN and which ones are not, check the devices on which you use Ciberprotector, modify the PIN access to the app (the first one that you install and set up the app you will be required to enter a PIN code to keep anyone away from their bowels)… take a trip through all the options to make the app work perfectly according to your needs.

Additional settings offered by CiberprotectorAdditional settings offered by Ciberprotector

When hiring a service of this type must have two things:

  • Price: flee from everything that was present as free. It is normal that many companies in this sector abanderen the all for free to attract users, but it is logical to think that there are no NGOS and seek their own benefits. If they do not arrive through the subscriptions of the users, they arrive on the other side. And on the other side we have two possibilities, show you advertising, or to directly negotiate with your information. The first thing is annoying and slows down the user experience, the second is directly is a direct blow to your privacy, that you wished to protect in the first place.
  • Location: despite offering servers in hundreds of countries, companies VPN have a registered office somewhere and are governed by the laws of that place. If the headquarters are located in any country that violate systematically the rights of internet users, nothing will serve you to hire their services, at any time may be required to provide information about you and your digital activity. Make sure to subscribe for free services of this suspicion, Ciberprotector for example is a app developed 100% in Spain so that accounts with the statutory warranty provided our institutions.

The best thing you can do is try everything that you are offering and decide for yourself. Your digital life and integrity of your personal data will never be the same if you decide to take the offer of this platform.