Promotional codes to redeem in 2021

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In this 2021 we already had an available list of codes combined with numbers and letters that could be redeemed. However, by the end of February Roblox had prepared a last offensive for us in the form of more promotional codes that will be very useful for Roblox.


What are Roblox promocodes and what are they for?

The promocodes or also called roblox codes, are combinations of letters and numbers, created solely by Roblox developers and administrators. The main function of these promocodes is to grant the player prizes such as: free robux, t-shirts, pants, pets, accessories, objects, abilities, powers and more.


In turn, they are designed to reward user loyalty, whether for company celebration, promoting a brand or special gifts within each server. Each of them has an expiration time or expiration date, so you should be aware of each update and be among the first to redeem the prizes. Be careful not to access other websites to get more codes, since none of them are reliable and can only give you problems, so it is best to access the official Roblox accounts or take a look at the codes that we publish on Android Help.

All Roblox promo codes

Many have been the codes that have come to light since the launch of Roblox and as you know the promo codes they have quite a limited life. Next, we show you the most updated to date:

  • StrikeAPose
  • SettingTheStage
  • DIY
  • WorldAlive
  • GetMoving
  • VictoryLap

redeem roblox codes

To use them, once you have a valid promocode in your possession, the next step is to redeem it and thus be able to enjoy your prize. As with all websites, it shows an approval if the code is valid, or a message if the one you entered is wrong or expired. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Login to your account Roblox, from any browser.
  • Click on this link.
  • Select a code from our list and paste it into the box, then click “Exchange” and ready.

Quick giveaways

Often times, Roblox will also have items that you can get for free, just by tapping Get on the page. These items are part of your Roblox Inventory forever, in any game. We have compiled a list of the items that you can quickly get for free: