Project CARS GO comes to Android: this is how you can download it

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Project CARS GO comes to Android: this is how you can download it 1

Project CARS is a project that many users in Spain know, which has been in development for a while for its launch on Android. Its new installment is already about to arrive for all Android users. Project CARS GO is already launched in beta form in several countries in Europe on the Play Store, before its stable release.

If you want to try Project CARS GO, you can download this beta. It is good to keep in mind that it is a beta and it is somewhat unstable, in my case in fact it has not even allowed me to open the game and the screen was black. But you can try to download it and try this racing game.

Project CARS GO comes to Android in beta

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Project CARS GO will be a somewhat different game, which they call one touch racing, which could be that you have less control of the car, allowing you to control it with a touch on the screen. The concept of the game will not bring too many changes: participate in races where we have to be the fastest.

Project CARS GO

A wide selection of cars, with models from the best brands, from classic, vintage to the most modern on the market. They also give us possibilities to customize those cars that we have. From changing the color to adding improvements that help us win the races in which we participate in the game. The races in the game will take place on the most legendary circuits.

Project CARS GO also leaves us with various game modes, so you can compete with other players in international events. There are also events depending on the car brand, in which you can participate. So we can improve our skills as drivers in the game.

Project CARS GO race

Project CARS GO beta launches now on Google Play Store officially, available in various countries in Europe. In this link you can become a beta tester to download it. It can also be downloaded from the game’s official website, where there is not much information about it and what we can expect.

Project CARS GO comes to Android: this is how you can download it 2

The Project CARS GO entry comes to Android: this way it can be downloaded, it appears first in The Free Android.