ProCam X turns your Android into a professional camera

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Table of Contents

Camera with manual controls

The strong point of Procam X is its interface. It is simple but at the same time leaves all the adjustments we need at our fingertips, turning our Android into a professional camera. Thanks to this we will have a total control on all the parameters that can affect a photograph.

One point to keep in mind is that this app will only serve us to use it with two sensors of our Android, the main sensor and the front camera. Hopefully with an update soon these options can be expanded.

The interface is divided into two columns, one on each side of the screen, perfectly positioned so that it is comfortable to use with the thumbs while using the application horizontally. In vertical mode they will be above and below the image viewer.

In the column of the left We will have the controls regarding the file and the functions of the camera:

  • A button to exit the application.
  • Control over HDR. (disabled in the case of video recording).
  • Shutter timer.
  • Flash trigger.
  • Settings

Within these settings We will find a great number of possibilities and buttons to turn off or on to suit the user, being able to have access to the following elements:

  • Activate or deactivate the digital stabilizer.
  • Grid on the screen.
  • Tilt indicator.
  • Photo quality according to the percentage of JPG (in video mode it becomes to control audio recording).
  • Selector between RAW or JPEG (in video mode it becomes the Mbps rate).
  • Size and format of the photograph (in video mode we will select the resolution and format).
  • Access to the paid version.
  • Change the save folder.
  • Activate or deactivate face detection for focus.
  • Activate or deactivate the stamp on the image.
  • Enable or disable embedding of the location within the file.

ProCam X Settings

On the other side, on the right, we will have the controls in charge of the photo or video adjustments. These controls are not available in all smartphone camera apps, much less in such an accessible way, that is why this app is so recommended if you want to change the capture parameters of your mobile camera.

In this column right we find the settings of:

  • Shooting speed up to 0.5 seconds.
  • ISO control up to 6400.
  • Exposure values.
  • Focus modes (continuous, manual, landscape, locked, macro or automatic).
  • White balance
  • Image filters (mono, negative, solarized, sepia, posterized, aqua, blackboard and whiteboard).

The best thing about this app is that these manual controls They are not only available for photography, but they are also available for the video and this is not something so common in these types of applications.

ProCam X lite vs PRocam X Pro

ProCam X Pro

As you might expect, this app has two versions, one paid and another lite. Both versions are the same app that you download, simply that if you do not pay for the Pro version, you will have limitations in the megapixels of your photos (no more than 8MP), in the resolution of the video (Full HD) and in its duration (5 minutes). This Pro version has a cost of € 5.29.

ProCam X (Pro HD Camera)
ProCam X (Pro HD Camera)

This app is a very good option for those who are beginning to learn photography and want to start to experience with the manual settings of a camera without having to buy a professional camera. It can also be used for all those experienced photographers looking to bring that extra to their smartphone or give their photos and videos a more personal touch.