Problems opening a website in Chrome? So you can fix it

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Chrome problems

Internet it is part of our day to day. Surfing the net is something practically everyday for all of us. It is inevitably necessary, since it is an indispensable work tool in many cases. But sometimes, we may run into unexpected problems. It is possible that our web page do not load or take a long time to open. Next, we will know the main reasons for this and how to solve it specifically in Google Chrome, the most used browser.

The google browser It has become the quintessential tool for searching for information and accessing the Internet. But on more than one occasion, when we have to access it, the surprise arrives. The web page does not load or it opens excessively slow, jerking.

First of all, you must make sure if the problem comes from the site or not. A simple way to do it is open another browser that you have available and try to enter the page. If it continues to take time to open, it is clear that the problem is foreign to you. But if the web works fine from the other browser, then the matter changes. Likewise, it is advisable that you check your Internet connection from the router as well as through the cable Ethernet.

With all the checks exhausted and at this point, the conflict is in your browser of Google Chrome.

Causes why the browser slows down

Now we will go on to detail some of the main reasons that cause the browser to slow down and web pages take longer to open than necessary. Then, we will try to provide solutions to each issue.

Some conflicting extension

In the first place, one of the causes that can cause a website not to load is the existence of some extension. As we know, browsers offer us multiple options with the intention of helping us. However, sometimes these extensions do not work well. You have to take into account the activated extensions or, if the conflict comes shortly after having installed one.

Browser saturated with tabs

Another option to consider is to check if we have many open tabs. This reason can make our browser load slower than the account, especially if we try to open several websites simultaneously. Here, both the Internet connection and the resources of our team are influencing factors.

A virus

A problem that we can face in the presence of a virus on our device. Whether on a mobile phone or on a PC, any malware generally affects our browser, slowing down the loading time of websites.

Outdated browser

To this we must add that our browser is outdated. It is important to keep the browser up to date. Not only will it improve performance when searching the Internet, we will also be browsing more securely.

Parallel downloads and applications

If we are carrying out downloads, especially large files, we can also notice bugs in our browser. If it is a somewhat limited team or our bandwidth is a bit tight, the load of the webs could slow down. Another reason that motivates the slowdown of the browser is the viewing of videos in 4K or the parallel use of applications that consume many resources.

Solutions if the browser is slow

After knowing some of the causes that slow down our browser, we are going to list how we can solve this conflict.


We start with the most universal and well-known solution to any problem of this type: restart. It is possible that it is a specific error of Chrome or even of the resources of our team. Close all browser tabs, wait a few moments and access the Internet again. The problem may be gone when you get back. A somewhat basic solution but that sometimes works.

Another option is to directly restart the computer after closing all the tabs and continue with the task after the process. Also, you can apply this solution to the router.

In case you can close Google Chrome because the device has been blocked directly, you can do it from the Task Manager. Open the application with the key command Ctrl + Alt + Del and click on the option. When the window opens, choose the Google Chrome icon from the list and right-click on it. Now select Finish homework. It will close instantly or after a few seconds.

Manage extensions

As we have said, extensions you can give our browser several advantages and extra functions. In many cases they do not come standard and, without thinking about it, we have installed one that is actually generating conflict.

Extensions are almost always to blame for browser slowdowns, and having some of them sometimes comes at a price. Every time we start Google Chrome, these are loaded automatically. In this case, it is convenient to disable some to lighten the work of our browser.

  • To do this, leave the error tab open. In the address bar, type the following path: chrome: // extensions /. Here you will see all the extensions present in your browser.
  • Another option to access them is to go to the upper right corner of the browser.
  • Click on More (three vertical dots), then go to More Tools and, finally, access the option Extensions.

Chrome problems

  • If some of the extensions do not require it at that time, we must disable it unchecking the tab.
  • If you are not interested in having it, you can remove it directly from the browser by clicking on Put off. Once you’ve done that, reload the page to see if the error persists.

Chrome problems

It is a simple process. However, it can be a bit long if you have a lot of extensions installed. The fewer extensions there are, the faster the browser will go.

Clear cache and cookies

If the problem is still there, another way to try to fix it is clear cache and browsing data. Sometimes Google stores certain information that prevents a page from loading.

  • Again, we click on the button More browser.
  • We click on More tools and now we choose Clear browsing data.
  • Now select Cookies and other site data, as well as Cached files and images.
  • Click on delete data and restart the browser to verify that the page loads normally.

Chrome problems

In this this menu you can play with different options, from the most basic to the most advanced. Take a good look at it. You will be able to choose the time interval you want to delete, as well as the download and browsing history, the data to fill in forms, etc.

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