Privacy notice in WhatsApp: what it means and what can happen to you if you do not accept it

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Privacy is again in question within the most used messaging application: WhatsApp includes a new notice with the obligation to accept it. The changes introduced specify the use that the platform makes of chats with companies, they also facilitate purchases through the application.

WhatsApp returns to the load with its intention to see their new privacy conditions approved. The latest attempt not only aroused some outrage among its users, it also caused the platform, which is owned by Facebook, had a notable exodus of users to other messaging apps, such as Telegram or Signal. So, as already assured, WhatsApp rework its strategy with a new notice that appears in the application of all users.

WhatsApp includes a fixed notice at the top of the chats

Whatsapp New Privacy Notice

The new privacy notice begins to appear in all applications, just in the upper area of ​​the chats. In this way, the company ensures that all users not only see the intention to apply the changes, they will also be very aware of these changes. Because we will have to accept them yes or yes, there is no option to hide. Well, at least as long as you want to use WhatsApp as before.

Just like specify WhatsApp in its updated terms of use, the changes introduced in the application They are aimed at improving the experience between companies that use WhatsApp and their customers. This should facilitate the communication of brands, stores and companies that offer direct customer services; expanding the possibilities when purchasing the products directly from WhatsApp.

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WhatsApp ensures that the data shared with Facebook does not change, the main reason why the controversy jumped during the last privacy notice. According to the company:

Your acceptance of the new Terms of Service does not extend the ability of WhatsApp to share user data with Facebook“.

There are also no changes in the data management of European users: the privacy policy for Europe maintains the latest approved conditions, July 2020.

Yes, you will have to accept the changes in the service

Whatsapp New Privacy Notice

WhatsApp is determined that its users accept the new conditions of use in order to complement the communication services offered to companies through WhatsApp Business. And there will be no choice but to go through the hoop if you want to use the application as before. May 15 is the deadline.

WhatsApp is currently warning with a small message in the chat area. And as the deadline approaches, the message will become more visible, all for the user to accept the changes. Who does not accept them? WhatsApp will lose basic services: it will prevent the exchange of messages and files, then it will block voice calls and also video calls.

WhatsApp will not delete accounts that do not accept the new privacy notice. But, if these are inactive, they will automatically be blocked after 120 days

WhatsApp account it will not be removed directly if the new conditions are not accepted. But, since WhatsApp will prevent the sending of messages, when the account is more than 120 days without activity it will be automatically blocked.

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Privacy notice in WhatsApp: what it means and what can happen to you if you do not accept it

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Privacy notice in WhatsApp: what it means and what can happen to you if you do not accept it 1

Privacy notice in WhatsApp: what it means and what can happen to you if you do not accept it 2