Postknight 2 is a great RPG that follows the success of its predecessor

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Postknight 2

It is done available in early access Postknight 2 here in Spain. An RPG that comes to follow the success of its predecessor with the same recipe, but which is difficult to refuse due to the great quality that it treasures.

Kurechii, the video game studio in charge of its publication, has already shown us that its formula of giving a role-playing game in small portions it was a tremendous success. That is to say, do not wait for long levels of 5 or more minutes, but here everything is towards the short and small.

Postknight 2 and its games of just minutes

Postknight 2 on Android

On a platform such as a mobile phone today, the vast majority of players prefer short level games. Not that they are all like that, and it depends on the concept of the game to reach levels of greater extension as it will happen with Diablo Immortal.

But here in Postknight 2, we meet with a tiny role play, but one that is full of charm with a beautiful story starring well-designed and personable characters.

Wolves in Postknight 2

Our goal is that our hero be able to reach the end of the level to deliver certain items. As you advance and eliminate enemies, you will be able to level up and progress in your goals. As with any role-playing game where statistics such as hit points or attack are very important.

3 skills to master combat

If we have commented that it is a small role-playing game, it is also because in combat we will not find a control stick and those I do not know how many skills, but the other way around, two buttons, one to attack and one to protect with the shield, and a final ability to recover.

Inventory in Postknight 2

Another aspect that we really liked about Postknight 2 is the fact that skills are linked to the weapon we carry. That is to say, here the skills do not go by classes, but by the weapon you carry.

It will be very different to use a sword and a shield to a hammer fingers hands. The skills will change and we will have to adapt to them to be able to carry out even combos.

The crafts to create your weapons and trade

Postknight 2 also stands out for all those materials that we can collect from all monsters and creatures that we will eliminate on our way. We will use them to create weapons and armor, just as we can trade with them to get a little money.

Postknight 2

The craftsmanship and weapons we carry are important in order to continue to progress properly in this role-playing game. So take your time to master these arts that will allow us to be more calm while we play a quick game.

In your town or village you will have different merchants that you will meet for one task or another. As regards the visual and the technical, Postknight 2 is a game that enters very well through the eyes with a great character design, varied environments for our explorations and some effects for magic more than correct.

Postknight 2 is itself a little gem for Android that you have available here in Spain in advance, so you know, don’t delay and have a game of the good ones of 1 minute at most.

Postknight 2 is a great RPG that follows the success of its predecessor 1

The Postknight 2 entry is a great RPG that follows the success of its predecessor featured first in The Free Android.