‘Pokemon Unite’, the DOTA MOBA, will open its beta on Android in March

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The Pokémon game factory does not stop its production and from the Japanese company titles continue to arrive from time to time, so that the machinery never stops. In 2019 it was announced and published ‘Pokémon Masters’, which came to both iOS and Android in the form of a free game with purchases inside, and last year it was announcedPokémon Unite ‘.

Now, ‘Pokémon Unite’ finally has a date of arrival on the market, although initially your path will be in beta test form. This trial will be limited to users in Canada and will begin in March, although it will probably soon open to more countries before its final international launch.

Multiplayer battles with Pokémon trained by us


‘Pokémon Unite’ is in charge of TiMi Studios, a development studio owned by the giant Tencent and which has already been responsible for successful games such as ‘Call of Duty: Mobile’, ‘Arena of Valor’ or the inexhaustible ‘Honor of Kings’, constantly placed Among the top-grossing games on the global mobile landscape.

‘Pokémon Unite’ it will be a MOBA, an online multiplayer battle game that will propose 5v5 matches, following the line of other well-known titles (and also owned by Tencent) such as DOTA. The game will consist of obtaining more points than the rural team during the time that each game lasts to win the victory.

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Of course, the DNA of Pokémon will be well present because We will compete with the Pokémon we catch and train so that they level up, so what we do in the background of the game will matter a lot in the face of each of the combats. The game has already had a small beta in China, its country of origin, although private but now it opens to Canada to take its first international steps.

To sign up for this initial beta in Canada, you must be a resident of the country and be at least 16 years old. ‘Pokémon Unite’ will not allow beta games to be streamed And once the game is finally released, all the progress we have made in the beta will be lost forever to start from scratch.

Pokémon UNITE

Pokémon UNITE

More information | The Pokemon Company

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‘Pokemon Unite’, the DOTA MOBA, will open its beta on Android in March

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'Pokemon Unite', the DOTA MOBA, will open its beta on Android in March 1

'Pokemon Unite', the DOTA MOBA, will open its beta on Android in March 2