Pokémon Unite closer and closer: its beta for Android launches in March

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Pokémon GO is one of the most popular games in Spain in the last decade, which continues to break records around the world. The popularity of the Niantic game has caused more games in this universe to be released, such as Smile or Café Mix. Pokémon Unite will be the next game in this universe to reach the market and we won’t have to wait much longer.

Pokémon Unite was announced in June last year, as a game that will change the way you play Pokémon on Android. This is a five vs five MOBA. The beta of this game is almost ready for its launch on Android, because its launch is confirmed in March in Canada.

Pokémon Unite: a five vs five MOBA

Pokemon Unite

TiMi Studios, owned by Tencent, is the studio responsible for Pokémon Unite. This new game is a MOBA of multiplayer battles of five against five, in the purest League of Legends style. In these games our objective is to obtain more points than the rival team, so that we are the ones who are crowned as winners.

In the game we will be able to catch wild Pokémon, that we are going to train so that they level up and evolve. This work that we do helping our Pokémon to improve is something that will influence the results in the battles, so it is important that we train them well. This is something that will help us have a better chance of winning in these fights.

Pokemon Unite

A small beta of the game has already been launched in China, but it will be in March when it makes the international jump. In March Pokémon Unite beta to launch in CanadaTherefore, residents in the country can register if they are at least 16 years old. In addition, during this beta, the games will not be able to be broadcast by streaming, although this will be possible when the game is released on a stable basis.

We do not yet have dates for the launch of the game in Spain, but if the beta in Canada runs without problems, it may be that sometime between spring and summer it will be released on a stable basis. We expect to have more data in March when the beta launches.

Pokémon Unite closer and closer: its beta for Android launches in March 1

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