Pokémon Smile, app for brushing your teeth directed at children

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Table of Contents

Is the nth bet the company to develop applications for the platform of mobile, although this in particular is designed for the youngest of the house. Your goal is to brush the teeth of a most friendly and with the company of his Pokémon favorite, so that is not a torture that time of day.

Pokémon Smile
Pokémon Smile

Catch Pokémon while you brush your teeth

Just open the app, fill in a brief questionnaire on basic data such as the country to which we belong, the age and the gender. After you accept the permissions of camera, we are now ready to choose to our Pokémon favorite. There are available 5, which are Pikachu, Evee, Squirtle, Charmander and Bulbasur. Once you have chosen, since we can clean our teeth with their company.

pokémon smile

Pokémon Smile is not only a guide to know how the children have to wash the teeth, but uses a second incentive, which is to capture the Pokémon during the wash. These Pokémon can be stored in the Pokédex that the title offers, in addition to some medals to reward the correct washing of the teeth. There are more than 100 copies, so that the catalog is fairly extensive.

How to get all pets in Pokémon Smile

Even if you have a highly focused child, does not mean that it is simple process to capture all those Pokémon. The pet you choose at the beginning, will help us to remove all of the bacteria that reside in the mouth with his special attack. These bacteria release a Pokémon that then we can capture and collect them all in the Pokédex. In addition, it allows us to make selfies in full brushed.

pokémon smile catches pokémon

Yes, the game system detects if we are making the movement to brush your teeth, so that’s not good escaquearse. In addition, at the bottom of the screen will be appearing a guide to the area of the denture in which we have to pass the brush, so that the whole mouth is clean and without food debris or bacteria. At the end of the wash, it will be time to catch those Pokémon that we have released from between the bacteria.

pokémon smile pokéaccesorios

On the other hand, outside of the challenge of cleaning your teeth, we can visualize the whole collection of creatures we have made in the section “Pokédex”, as well as interact with them in the other section of “Pokéaccesorios”. Also, it is possible to create alerts, daily reminders, as well as set the duration of brushing between one, two or three minutes. The last point that remains to note is that we can add as many profiles as children in the home, so that the camera of the app to engage with all the members.