Podcasts to listen to in the car

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This integration allows us to do something that would not be so comfortable otherwise, taking into account that this is aimed at drivers. A situation that implies being with the necessary concentration on the road, so we just have to look away from the mobile. Therefore, this union allows to listen to content in a more automated way.

Audible podcasts on Waze, a reality

For those who do not know, they are two mobile applications that offer very different services, and in principle, during totally antagonistic situations. Waze is a navigation tool for vehicles, with map display, navigation voice as in Google Maps, route planning, community information about traffic and other unforeseen events, etc. A very complete app that precisely also is owned by Google.

Instead, Audible is an audio service that will be integrated within the Waze player, contributing more than 600,000 audiobooks, podcasts and other audio programs within the navigation service. It is a service that covers topics of all kinds, and in which we will find topics such as theater, science, sports, journalism and politics.

podcasts audible waze

How do Audible podcasts fit into Waze? Like other services already included in Waze, this podcast platform will be as accessible as click on its icon within the interface browser. Just do the following:

  1. We turn to the musical note in the upper corner.
  2. A small menu from above where the connected or installed platforms appear.
  3. If we click on »Settings’‘will take us to a screen where all the Waze-compatible platforms appear. Audible appears among the first, and if we do not have it installed, Waze has a direct access to the Play Store.
  4. Once installed, we can connect it from the same drop-down menu in the second step.
  5. We must sign in to Audible to link to the browser. By connecting, we can select and listen to any audio from our collection. Of course, it is essential to have them added to the library previously.

All the services you can use in Waze

One of Waze’s star functions is, apart from the interaction between the community to share notices, traffic accidents or traffic jams, that it has a wide selection of compatible services. That is, the union with Audible is still hot, but it is not a novelty for the navigation app.

waze compatible audio apps

Before, it had multiple platforms to make driving more enjoyable during a trip or journey, and incidentally, in an automated way that does not require looking away from the road. Thus, we have the services of Spotify, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, Castbox, iHeartRadio, TuneIn, Scribd, TIDAL, Deezer and many others. In short, having Waze, whoever gets bored in the car is because he wants to.