POCO reaffirms its independence from Xiaomi: they release logo and mascot

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LITTLE new logo

POCO returned last year to the market in Spain with various models, such as the F2 Pro, its high-end. 2020 was an important year for the brand, because in January of last year its independence from Xiaomi was confirmed, after being born as a secondary brand. Now they seek to reaffirm this independence with a new logo and mascot.

LITTLE HA now announced its new logo and mascot officially, in one more step to distance itself from Xiaomi and show that they are an independent brand. A bold and striking logo, with a curious mascot, that the brand itself has wanted to explain in this ad.

POCO launches logo and mascot

LITTLE new pet

The new POCO logo change the first or its name to the new pet, a kind of devil with a halo. A font similar to the one the brand used up to now is maintained, but we can see that they introduce the logo in new color combinations, so it is much more striking.

The brand has also presented its own mascot, thus following in the footsteps of others like realme, who previously did the same. This mascot comes with the Made of Mad concept, with which the manufacturer refers to a confused emotion in the mind of the consumer, and represents how each individual seeks the best alternatives to the most popular or common ones. In addition, they have explained the various elements that make up this mascot:

  • The halo represents a feeling of goodness. From POCO they say they are crazy, but it is for a cause.
  • The antennas show that rebellious and / or malicious side of the pet. It is as if the pet can spread the madness telepathically.
  • The eyes offer a contrast with the halo that is inserted in the upper part of this pet.
  • The triangular mouth refers to the sharp wit of the brand.

This new POCO logo and mascot usher in a new era for the manufacturer, which thus seeks to distance itself more from Xiaomi. Now we just have to wait for new phones to be presented, something for which we will surely not have to wait too long.

The POCO entry reaffirms its independence from Xiaomi: they release a logo and mascot appears first in The Free Android.