Pocket Camp, the mythical Nintendo game on Android

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The thing was to spend several hours browsing through everything that this Nintendo game offers, and see if it has something to envy its older brother New Horizons. Go ahead the technical limitations between one game and another, plus it does not enjoy the depth of the titles of other editions and consoles.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp
Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

A more accessible New Horizons for expert and novice players of the saga

The best news is that the game stays fresh like its predecessors and is played with a smile on your face at all times. This Pocket Camp there are many, many hours of entertainment in front. The philosophy of the title has changed slightly compared to the last installments. We have become one more camper and, with the help of a van equipped for life outdoors, we can move around different areas of the map, populated by the animals of the Animal Crossing universe, instead of a single map.

animal crossing pocket camp avatarEach area has its peculiarities (one has a beach, another a river, in a third we find fruit trees, the island is full of bugs and butterflies) and we will have to visit them every day to get different objects (fish, insects, fruit) that our neighbors ask us for. .

The game does not simply propose to carry out one errand after another, it is about doing it to get the necessary resources to meet the requirements of each camper and have a sufficient level of affection with him to convince him to come to our plot and we can interact with him whenever we want, since the animals rotate in the different recreational areas and are not always available. The more you interact with the campers, the more materials and furniture you get and these serve to be able to interact with more animals, with what the game establishes a circle that works very well.

animal crossing pocket camp house

But maybe where we miss a greater variety It is in the stores since they are not all available at the same time in a commercial area, but they rotate as the day progresses. This is one of those sections in which the concept of mobile gaming makes itself felt and where Nintendo reminds us that we are playing with one of its franchises, yes, but in a habitat that is not quite its own.

Retains the essence of Animal Crossing, but a multiplayer almost non-existent

The game uses two coins, the famous berries and other banknotes (called Leaf Tickets in its Anglo-Saxon version) that are achieved either by completing missions or going through the cash register, and it is the latter that allow access to certain rewards or to speed up some processes. For example, we can pay for a tree to bear more fruit or to get exclusive furniture.

animal crossing pocket camp map

Although it may seem that there is a multiplayer, it is not really like that, and it is more of a social network with small interactions. In recreation areas (resource gathering) there is always a camper and a real player character who can be on our friends list or be a random player. If we talk to him we can see his rake and buy resources from him, we can ask him for friendship or visit his plot. This last option will allow us to see how your land is decorated, the campers you have staying at that time and even visit the interior of the motorhome.

animal crossing pocket camp fishingGraphics benefit from portable console step (where the series has had the greatest number of games) to mobile screens and the characters and settings look really pretty. Each of the areas of the game has a differentiating character and are full of details that set them very well. The music is as fitting as ever and the melodies of the animals are kept, although the constant sound of the coins or the rewards becomes annoying and reminds too much of a slot machine.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, download its APK

Nintendo made a “soft launch” or launch by zones of this game in order to check if its servers were working correctly. Therefore, it is easy to get the APK file of this Nintendo game to install it externally to Google Play, in case your terminal is not compatible with the latest version available. We must also remember that the store has errors in the installation of some apps, which are not solved or by clearing the Google Play cache.

To install the file, the procedure is exactly the same as in other games or applications that we install in this way. Once the file is downloaded and with the ” Unknown sources ” option activated, we install the APK and the game automatically appears to start it.