Pluto TV, the app to watch TV for free on Android

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Table of Contents

Of course, it has a great advantage that none of the platforms has thought to have at any time. It is a platform that also goes between Android and its version for Smart TV. Pluto TV is the first platform AVOD (advertising-based video on demand) of the Spanish market. The literal translation would be “content on demand with advertising” and, basically, it is what it offers, but also linear channels.

Pluto TV - Movies and series

What content can you watch on Pluto TV

We are going to say it from now on. The main feature of Pluto TV is that it has a service in which it is not necessary or create accounts or have a subscription on the platform. Bet on a quite peculiar formula, that of offering its content in the open without even having to register to be able to see everything for free.

pluto tv interface

Of course, for the service to be sustainable in the financial aspect, the platform has a advertising content in your programming, as if it were a traditional television channel. It is the system that Pluto TV uses to monetize the series and movies that it shows us, so that we do not have to make the payment ourselves.

pluto tv programming

Pluto TV’s interface is pretty straightforward. We have three lower sections, although two are basically the really useful ones to view content from the platform, divided into ‘Live TV’ to see live content, and ‘On Demand’ to see what we want on demand. The last in discord goes about the terms and conditions of the platform, which is little or nothing relevant. We find a lot of content from Spanish production, although we also have international films of relevant depth.

All content on Pluto TV

Always putting the service is free, we find a quite varied content that it offers. Pluto TV has arrived in Spain with a total of 40 exclusive television channels, which will be expanded with the aim of reaching 100 during 2021. We have everything from series to documentaries or movies, through children’s content, comedy, lifestyle, etc. sports and even musical.

Live TV

These are the channels with which Pluto TV offers its services in Spain divided by categories:


  • Movies
  • Action
  • Drama
  • Comedy
  • Terror
  • Stellar


  • Anime
  • Novels
  • Series
  • Competencies
  • Latin Series
  • sports
  • Retro Series
  • Classic Telefe
  • MTV Vintage


  • Research
  • Reality
  • Nature



  • Kids
  • Classic Nick
  • Nick Jr. Club
  • Junior

pluto tv movies

Content on demand

On-demand content is highly varied, but Pluto TV highlights the following contents of the different categories:

Top Cinema

  • Nine, Hachiko, Flyboys, heroes of the air, Fireflies in the garden, Kinsey, Double identity, Betty Anne Waters, Dawn in Edinburgh, Gods and monsters, Discovering love, Something happens in Hollywood, The mercenaries, Dreamgirls, Alfie or REC.

Top Series

  • Arcangel, Journey to the Ends of the Earth, Crusoe, Fago, Barabbas, White Glove, Ice, The Virgin Queen, Ana y los 7, Curro Jiménez or Vaya weekly.

Children’s content

  • Go, Diego, Go, Blue tracks and you !, The three twins, The invisible girl, Big Time Rush, Harvey Beaks, Sanjay and Craig or Breadwinners.