Pluto TV arrives in Spain: free movies and series with ads

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Table of Contents

Pluto TV

More and more streaming services are found in Spain, with Netflix, Disney + or Amazon Prime Video as the most prominent. The competition is a bit bigger because Pluto TV has announced its arrival in Spain this October. It is a streaming service where we have free content, in exchange for the presence of advertising in it.

Movistar will be the great collaborator of Pluto TV, since it is the one that will insert advertising on this platform. The fact that it is a television on demand service that offers free content makes it different from the rest of the options in the Spanish market, although Netflix also offers some free content on mobile phones.

Pluto TV announces its arrival in Spain

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Pluto TV is a platform where we are going to find a wide selection of contents, some of them from well-known channels, as well as channels that are not normally available in Spain. In the case of the Spanish market you will have access to 40 thematic channels where you can access movies, series, documentaries or reality shows. It is expected that in 2021 it will reach 100 channels available on the platform.

This streaming service is multiplatform, so that it will be accessible from Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, as well as its website. In addition, it will be possible to download its application on Android or iOS mobiles, so that it can be accessed from any device easily.

For the moment the full selection of content is unknown that we are going to meet on Pluto TV. Until now, some well-known series and programs have been mentioned, such as Ana y los Siete or Nightmare in the kitchen, which can currently be seen on various thematic channels in Spain. There is also a large selection of movies available on this platform, more than 1,000 different ones.

Pluto TV app Android

At the end of this month of October this service can be accessed in Spain and thus enjoy Pluto TV’s selection of channels and content for free. The application has already been officially launched in the Play Store, available at the following link:

The Pluto TV ticket comes to Spain: free movies and series with ads appears first in El Androide Libre.