Playstation 5, price and release date revealed

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The great event of the Japanese multinational concluded. Confirmations on the main features to discover and a new overview of several triple-A to be published at launch.

The veils of the new generation of branded consoles were removed. Sony. The long awaited day of the last and very important presentation was shelved with considerable success. Between big confirmations, see price and release date, to surprises related to some video games, now the world knows everything and more about Ps5, the next generation that will give a show starting next November and will obviously mark the next few years for a future that promises to be roaring.

Let’s put aside the juicy and full-bodied hiatus strictly related to video games coming out at launch and during 2021, to stop completely at the console. For days there had been an avalanche of rumors, rumors of all kinds and users began to have different ideas. Expectations skyrocketed and Sony didn’t miss a thing with its launch event.

Playstation 5, price and release date

Let’s get to the point, to the core of the whole problem. We are before, first of all, two versions of the same console. Sony, as we all know, offers a version fully digital and one more “complete” with the presence of ultra hd blu-ray disc player. A substantial difference that, however, does not affect other characteristics. The firepower and all the technical specifications that make them next-gen are identical on both sides. The price varies considerably. As everyone expected, the digital edition will cost 399.99 euros, while the “standard” Ps5 will be available in 499.99 euros. Both, it should be noted, are recommended retail prices.

Once the cost of the new generation of Sony consoles has been announced, it is also important to know the release date. the November 12, 2020 Ps5 will be available in seven countries, namely: the United States, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea. The rest of the world will have to wait for you 19 of the same month, so this second date is valid for Italy. Pre-orders are available starting today “at select retailers, so check with your local retailer.” Write the Playstation Blog.

Playstation Plus Collection

Almost as in response to the Xbox Game Pass, Sony has decided to announce the new PlayStation Plus Collection.

Specifically, for PlayStation Plus subscribers there is a new special offer on PS5, or Playstation Collection Plus, with the ability to download a collection of games. Ps4. On the list we find: Batman Arkham Knight, Bloodborne, Fallout 4, God of War, Monster Hunter: World, Persona 5 and more. All included in a single subscription, for a greater possibility of video games.

Playstation 5, the price of accessories

Invariably, Sony has also made room for all the accessories that will make up the entire Ps5 offering. The greatest attention, in this sense, was directed to the Dualsense 5 that will cost 69.99 eurosOf course, if it is purchased independently, otherwise it will be clearly included with the console.

Below is the rest of the accessories announced on the Playstation Blog:

  • Pulse 3D Wireless Headphones with 3D Audio Support and Dual Noise Canceling Microphones at $ 99.99;
  • HD camera, with dual 1080p lenses to allow gamers to reproduce their epic gaming moments 59.99 euros;
  • Media Remote (remote control), to easily navigate between movies and streaming services for 29.99 euros;
  • DualSense charging station; to comfortably charge two DualSense wireless controllers for 29.99 euros.