Play on each map as a crewman or imposter

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Table of Contents

As we already know, the game has several maps in which we can play with friends. And also, those maps have different settings, different missions and different locations. Whether to play as a crew member or an impostor, let’s see what can be done on each available map, waiting for the catalog to expand.

Among us

Play in The Skeld Among Us

The map of the spaceship called “The Skeld” was the only map available at launch of the game. There are 14 rooms: two large in the middle and 6 smaller ones on the east and west sides. All rooms are connected by corridors. Due to its symmetry, The Skeld is easy to navigate; there are only two corridors that take you from the left side to the right, and three that take you from the bottom to the top of the map.

map the skeld among us

This makes it very easy to memorize both mission locations and escape hatch locations for imposters. The Skeld is a map something more advantageous for the crew, since in addition to the simplicity of its distribution, it contains up to 5 ‘Visual Task’. They are tasks that the members, from the outside, can see if someone is doing them or not, and thus discover the impostor.

map impostor skeld among us

These tasks can be the scan or destroy asteroids, although they can be disabled. By contrast, hatches are easy for imposters to memorize, so the kill zones are highly localized. One of them is the electricity room, which together with its sabotage, can create a perfect combo.

Play Mira HQ from Among Us

This office map is the smallest game with 12 rooms of all shapes and sizes and without a clear structure in the design. It is one of the Among Us maps where the most important thing to note is the unique ventilation system, some isolated tamper locations and the Doorlog, that replaces the cameras and makes it easier for the Deceiver to slip away. The great advantage for imposters is that 11 Mira HQ vents they are equally scattered across the map. Only the area around Comunicaciones has less vents. The difference with other maps is that all the vents are connected in a single system.

map look hq

In addition, three sabotage locations They are in the upper right and in the middle of the map. That means an imposter can easily lure a teammate out of the left and lower right areas. And if that weren’t enough, the Doorlog keeps track of up to 20 player inputs going through one of the three sensors in the upper right aisle.

That also means that the Doorlog only provides information about this particular part of the map, so there are no cameras to keep an eye on impostors. Therefore, the benefits for the crew are slim. The only thing is knowing how to play with reduced map dimensions, trying that the whole group go well together when doing homework, and thus discover who it is that makes the journey on their own.

Play in Polus from Among Us

“Polus” is a big snowy planet with 15 rooms. Walking around this map is a bit different from the others, as it features a large open space in the middle. It means that in certain places imposters can escape in almost any direction after committing murder. This is one of the Among Us maps that also has a system that allows players to check who is alive or dead from remotely.

map polus

The most curious thing is the diversity of this map: two areas on the sides with connecting rooms and a very open middle area. That implies that if you are an imposter who decides to kill in the sample room, you should know that you will have to exit through a long corridor and a decontamination room. Instead, make a slaughter next to the storage room, and you can zoom out in any direction you want through the craters.

On the other hand, to play as a crew member, you have to take into account several things. There are three sabotage locations, in addition to the option of closing doors. None of these are in the lower right corner, which means that the crewmates they are a little safer there, but they have to run far to solve emergencies.

vitals polus among us

Also important: a crew member can open a closed door by himself. A very relevant detail that cannot be escaped is that this Polus map has a unique feature that allows players to check who is alive and who is not. Is called ‘Vitals’, and can be found in the room on the right side of the office.