Pixlr, an app perfect to edit photos creative

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A large mass of users consider it to be the best, for several reasons. We are faced with a app, lightweight minimalist design easy-to-use, but that does not renounce to a wide catalogue of tools for editing. It is true that it does not reach the technical levels of other editors like Photoshop, but it meets perfectly for what you ask for in a smartphone.

All to edit your photos your fingertips with Pixlr

As we say, the app has multiple editing. We have the possibility of photographs from its own interface, thanks to the camera that integrates and in which you can apply effects at the same time, which saves us the step to make adjustments later, but on the other hand, we have the gallery to import photos from there.

It is the method that is, with the image already selected, proceed to the section most powerful of the app. In the first place, we find the Tools, with functions as impressive as the blur, soften, correction is done automatically by the program. We also find the double exposure, which allows you to superimpose an image to that we already had selected before. Or the presentation mode, in which we can highlight certain color ranges in the image, while keeping the remainder in black-and-white.

Pixlr – Free Photo Editor
Pixlr – Free Photo Editor

If we continue exploring, we see a section called Brushes, it is not only used to draw scribbles, but to apply effects to pixelate or obscure. We also have available effects, with different range of colors and styles, and finally, we could not leave behind the eternal frames in the photographs.

Templates and collage when the creativity comes

You can get the case of not knowing how to sharpen a photo so that it looks as best as possible, that’s why the app provides us with various templates with a marked style of cartoon or exotic landscapes in the background, in which we can insert the photos which automatically adjusts to the size of the model, as seen below.

Pixlr, an app perfect to edit photos creative 3

In terms of collage, the amount of types to combine the images is immense. Being able to add up to 10 files at once, which can be adjusted in size, scale, bordered or background color to our liking.

Conclusion of Pixlr

What we extract from this app is that, it is not adapted for all types of uses. In other words, and as we have already said in the introduction, are missing some more advanced features of photo editing, features that we do find in Photoshop or Snapseed. However, for most basic use is a perfect program, because of how synthesized it offers a great variety of options, all designed to upload creative content to social networking sites, such as Facebook or Instagram.