Pixels can’t connect to company WiFi after last update

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The Google Pixels are the first phones to have had Android 11 in Spain, allowing them to have access to new features before anyone else. Google has released the December 2020 security patch for these mobiles, which is causing a rather annoying problem for users: they cannot connect to some company WiFi networks.

This is an error that has started to show up in those Pixels that They already have the December security patch. When trying to connect to some corporate WiFi networks, they find it impossible. In addition, it is not really a mistake, but it is a change that Google implements and will reach more Android phones.

The Pixels the first to suffer

Pixel Android 11 wifi connection

The Pixels are the first, but other phones with Android 11 are expected to go through the same thing. Those models that already have that December security patch can see that when trying to manually connect to a corporate WiFi network they cannot do so. The problem is that after updating, in the CA Certificate drop-down menu the Do not Validate option has been removed, which used to come out, to be able to add a new Wi-Fi network with WPA2-Enterprise security.

It seems that Google has removed this option for security reasonsas this option could filter the user’s credentials. The lack of certainty when it comes to knowing whether the server we connect to is secure is one of the reasons that led them to make this decision. By having the Don’t Validate option to access a WiFi network, the phone is prevented from performing a certificate verification, so it is potentially exposed.

Because there are many companies that have not configured their profiles in a secure way, Google removes this option on the Pixels. It is something that affects WPA2-Enterprise connections. For now, for those affected by this issue, the solution or recommendation is to allow the operating system to authenticate the server securely. This is a few additional steps when setting up that network.

Users with Google Pixels are the first to go through this, although it is expected that more brands and models go through this situation. Since this is something that affects models with the December security patch, so if your mobile gets said patch, you will go through that situation too.

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