Petal Search: How to Use Huawei’s Alternative to the Google App

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The presentation of the Huawei Mate 40 Pro, which will be launched soon in Spain, also left us with two new Huawei applications (Huawei Docs and Petal Maps) designed to replace Google’s own applications. These two applications are added to another that the brand launched a few months ago: Petal Search.

Petal Search can be thought of as a Huawei alternative to the Google app. It is an application that acts as a search engine, with which you can search for applications, news, photos and more. After launching this summer, some improvements have been incorporated into this application.

Petal Search: a search engine for Huawei mobiles

Petal Search home

Petal Search is an application that we can download from the Huawei AppGallery, so it works as a standalone application on the phone. Thanks to it, we can carry out searches of all kinds, to find news, photos, weather or stock information, as well as applications and games.

To get these results, Huawei relies on its own bot, called Petalbot. They will not use Google or Bing for it, but their bot is the one in charge of crawling the web looking for that term that you have entered. As with the Google app on Android, it also has its own search bar in the form of a widget, so that we can search from the home screen.

Search for anything on your mobile

Petal Search news page

At the interface level, Petal Search is a really simple application. It has a total of three tabs: For you (a kind of Discover where we have news that may interest us organized into categories), Search (where we can search for what we want) and Me (your profile and the app settings). The use of it will not present problems for anyone, therefore.

The first tab of this application is a kind of Google Discover where Huawei gathers news divided into categories (current affairs, sports, entertainment …) of media that could be of interest to us. You can click on them so that they open in their entirety and be able to read them. At the top of this tab we have a search engine, in case we are interested in looking for news on a specific subject or person.

Petal Search search

The central tab, the Search tab, is possibly the most prominent in Petal Search. This is the tab of the search engine itself, where we can search for anything we want, and what this search engine allows us to filter in a simple way. Since the term we have searched for, we can filter it in applications, photos, news, videos, shopping, hotels, flights or even questions and answers, so that we can find what we are looking for with greater precision.

In addition, when we are going to enter a search term, it will show us those terms that are trending at that moment, in case we want to search for any of them. The search engine works well and presents us with a large number of results in every way, so in this sense it can compete with the Google search engine. Surely as you use it more, your results will be more accurate and better fit what you are looking for.

Petal Search second search

The last tab in Petal Search is Me, where you have the app settings. You can activate the Incognito Mode from there, as well as view the browsing history, manage downloads or access options to customize your search (filter content or activate voice search).

Search for apps

Petal Search download apps

Although it is a search engine similar to the Google search engine, Petal Search has a key or main function: search apps. This is the main purpose of this application, since we can search for applications and the results come from various sources. Since when searching for applications, we get results from APK Mirror, APKPure, Aptoide, Huawei AppGallery and the Google Play Store.

Depending on the option chosen, it will take us to the application store in question, either the web or an application store such as the AppGallery. In addition to downloading them, we are also given the possibility to manage our applications from Petal Search. So we can search for updates for our applications, without having to enter the AppGallery to search for them.

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