Petal Mail is on the move: Huawei’s alternative to Gmail

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Petal Mail Huawei

Huawei has already launched in Spain two of its alternatives to Google apps. So far the manufacturer has left us with Petal Maps, its own Google Maps and with Petal Search, its alternative to the Google app. These two will not be the only applications that are going to leave us, because they are already working on their alternative to Gmail, which will arrive under the name Petal Mail.

Huawei has already Petal Mail beta phase on the go, which will be its own email application and its alternative to Gmail, which will be launched shortly for users with a smartphone from the Chinese manufacturer. With this app they continue to create their own suite of apps.

Petal Mail: Huawei’s Gmail

Huawei Petal Mail

The Petal Mail beta is currently being launched for users in China, which can be registered now. At the moment it seems that it is only available for users of desktop operating systems. In this testing phase, Huawei will give prizes to users who send feedback on the application, in order to make improvements to it.

A couple of screenshots have already been shown that show a mail service that is still starting. This is something remarkable both in the design, very simple with the classic folders (inbox, highlights, deleted, sent, trash and spam), and in the functions, which at the moment are only the basic functions, waiting for that Huawei will be adding more options over time.

Petal Mail interface

Presumably Huawei will also launch a Petal Mail app for mobile phones, which will be available in your AppGallery, in the same way that you have done with your previous applications. Although this first phase of development focuses on desktop operating system only.

It seems that we will have to wait several months until this application is already more advanced and it may be when a first beta is launched for phones, but since Huawei they have not given dates so far.

The Petal Mail entry is underway: Huawei’s alternative to Gmail appears first on The Free Android.