Performance improvements bestial with an update of Google Play: so will Google

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Performance improvements bestial with an update of Google Play: so will Google 1

One of the classics in the world of video games on the PC are the drivers of the graphics card. A driver is the software manager to make an intermediary between a component and the system. To be a piece of software can be improved and made more efficient, offering as a direct result more performance with the same hardware. What if drivers could be updated by Google Play?

What are the drivers for graphics on Android? yes, but usually you can’t update them. This work typically falls on the manufacturer, which can improve the performance with new drivers on the software updates. The custom ROMs of Android are also an example in which you can have better drivers, but the task has never fallen into the part of the user. This is positive, but it also had its bad part.

Google will update the drivers for the graphics processor from Google Play

The topic of Android with the drivers is a bit convulsive. On one hand we have the advantage that it is not necessary to know that it is a driver to have it updated, while on the other hand, these improvements come in the software updates, so that we rely on that the manufacturer wants to continue to improve our mobile.

In recent years, Google has been doing that the operating system is becoming more modular, something that met as the Project Mainline. This project allowed some of the components of the system, the update from Google Play, leaving you to rely on that the manufacturer wants to or not.

Games GeForce Now on your mobile with the new app from NvidiaThe mobile each time it looks more like a console.

While Google was working with a partner, they discovered a technique that is applied to mobile Snapdragon could get the same performance reducing a 40% processor usage graph. This improvement means that we will be able to achieve the same performance in games while the mobile phone is heated less and spends less battery, or maintaining the same consumption and get more power.

This improvement is, designed for mobile devices with Snapdragon 855, and hope to update mobile with Android 10 from Google Play in an entirely transparent way. As expected, the first will arrive at the Pixel 4, while the Samsung Galaxy S10 and the Note 10 will be the following. It is expected that more mobile phones begin to receive these improvements

The input performance Improvements bestial with an update of Google Play: so will Google it first appears on The Android Free.