PentaNote free note app review

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Table of Contents

The user interface is very simple in this work, since it consists of a central area with a blank background in which all the options that have been created with the app appear. Therefore, at a glance it is possible to review without difficulty everything. In addition, they include options that are positive in this place, such as a search bar (in the upper area of ​​the screen) that quickly makes it possible to find content. The fact is that the use has no problem. Except because the texts are translated to us, although it is true that the dependence on the language is very low.

Something that is a nice detail about PentaNote is that it is possible modify the font which is used when adding a note, so it is always displayed in a font size large enough not to strain your eyes. Furthermore, creations can also be saved with colors representative, which is a good addition that allows a simple organization and makes the use of development more effective. And, all this, with a management through icons that is positive.

Options for using this application

They are not the most numerous that we have seen to date, but they are more than enough so that the usefulness of PentaNote is beyond doubt. Thus, for example, in addition to being able to add notes with plain text, which can be used as reminders, it is also possible to create to-do lists. Thus, for example, you can organize everything that has to be done in the day or go discarding the list of gifts that are left for purchase for Christmas.

It is striking that it is possible to set a floating icon on the screen of the Android device that you have and that, in this way, you have access to the creation of notes from anywhere. In this way, you don’t have to open the development specifically to add a note … and, in this way, you get rid of seeing the ad you have to put up with to have the free version of this application.

Some more details about PentaNote

One of the ones that we think is interesting is that, in the upper area of ​​the screen, next to the icon for creating notes, there is another that gives access to a QR code reader which can be of great help in moment props. Besides, it also allows this development to create Backups of everything that is stored, using the Google cloud and, therefore, do not fear losing your data.

With adequate possibilities and without problems with the use in terminals that are not very powerful, it is worth giving a chance to this development that is downloaded for free from the application stores Galaxy Store Y Play Store. We believe that it is one of those jobs that has everything that is needed.