PAC-MAN GEO: The classic kite remastered

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Table of Contents

The base of the game is faithful to what we know from Pac-Man. Unlike other titles originating from Namco, where we find more modifications both in the content and in the graphic section, here we only have a change in the gameplay, but in the rest of the sections we have the same as in the first editions of this title there by the 80s.


PAC-MAN GEO uses real world maps

This remastering, more visually than functional, brings with it a novelty that plays a fundamental role. And it is that we no longer have 2D maps created specifically for development, but we are going to use anywhere on the world map that we want. Yes, you have read, we are going to be able to use real locations that the globe comprises.

pac-man geo game

The locations are, for the moment, referring to 10 of the main cities worldwide. London, Paris, Rome, Moscow, New York, San Francisco, Brazil, Tokyo, Beijing and the country of Cambodia. These are the areas where we will be able to develop mazes freely in the ‘Map Mode’, although we can move around the location, so the game possibilities are endless.

pac-man geo map

In addition, it has a second mode called ‘Tour’ much more competitive where we face other real players. Typically, these challenges take place in iconic and popular locations on planet Earth, with the characteristic of being limited-time events with great rewards. The scores achieved establish the ranking of players.

Unlockable items in the game

In this Pac-Man game we can get extra items as we earn coins and beat screens. Obviously if we can clean the screen by eating all the cubes, the reward will be much higher. It has two types of coins, although one is the one with which we can unlock and use the most elements.

pac man geo

While waiting for the store to expand with more options, what we can unlock is extra fruit for the games and power balls also to use on the screens. On the other hand, there are different avatars that we can apply, although at the moment they are scarce with skins to customize the kite. If we still lack resources to unlock items, we can use two map radars For each access, we identify different treasures in each city. For putting a downside to this remastering, we miss more countries or cities present in development, such as Madrid or Barcelona.